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Cleaning at home is something that takes time and effort. There is always something that needs to be cleaned. Whether it be the various rooms, the kitchen countertops, and even the bathroom sink.
We want to make sure our families have clean homes and healthy environments, so we do what we can in order to ensure that it is clean.
However, there are some items that people often overlook or worse, don’t even know that they need to be cleaned.
One thing to always keep in mind is that the little things make a difference. In terms of cleanliness though, these little things are massively important.
From the window sills to the hidden nooks of your refrigerator, it’s important to identify certain overlooked things that could possibly amass dirt and bacteria.
This knowledge can help you keep things clean, fresh, and healthy at home.
Let’s take a look at some of the most overlooked items that should be cleaned at home.

Overlooked Items That Need to Be Cleaned at Home


There are a lot of areas in the household that get overlooked when cleaning. The baseboards are one of those items.

Maintaining the appearance and healthiness of your baseboards can help provide an overall great impression on visitors. Cleaning them regularly will help prevent any visible signs of dirt and bacteria that can gather on the edges.

For cleaning baseboards, you can mix together some dish soap and vinegar in warm water. Dip a soft cloth into this mixture to clean the baseboards.

You can also opt to use a melamine sponge to give the baseboard a good scrubbing if needed.


The bathroom, and more specifically the toilet, is a common area that people don’t pay enough to. Cleaning toilets is not easy, but it needs to be done. Neglecting to do so can cause mold buildup or the accumulation of bacteria and viruses.

If you want a clean environment at home, it is important to clean the bathroom at least once a week.

One thing to remember is that you should always buy bathroom cleaners that are specifically made for use in bathrooms. This is important because it can help remove the stains on your toilet bowl as well as the germs that buildup there.

Another thing that you should do in order to maintain a healthy environment is to clean those vents and fans every once in a while.

Cleaning your bathroom exhaust system will help keep the air clean and give your bathroom an overall healthy environment.

Refrigerator Door Gasket

Many people don’t even know that this part exists, but the door gasket is an important part of the refrigerator that needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning this area off will help prevent bacteria from building up as it serves as a seal to keep the inside of your refrigerator clean.

The first thing that you should do is to create a solution to clean the door gasket. A simple recipe for that is a tablespoon of baking soda and a quart of warm water.

Wipe the gasket lightly with a microfiber cloth that uses the solution you have created. Remember to keep it light as you don’t want to destroy the gasket.

Once it has been cleaned, dry off the excess moisture with some paper towel or clean cloth.
Return the gasket. Use this opportunity to check the gasket for any holes or tears as it may significantly compromise the energy efficiency of the refrigerator.

One easy way to test this is by using a piece of paper or dollar bill. Shut it between the refrigerator door. Then, try pulling it out. If there is resistance, that means that the seal is in great condition.

Floor Mats or Entryway Rugs

The final overlooked item we have are the floor mats or entryway rugs. These items welcome everyone into your home. Unfortunately, it is one of the most overlooked items when cleaning due to the fact that it is used every day and just forgotten about.

Cleaning your floor mats or entryway rugs is essential for a healthy environment because they can trap all sorts of dirt and dust. If you are experiencing allergic reactions, this could be one reason why.

When washing these mats or rugs, soap them well and scrub them hard. This will ensure that you get rid of all the accumulating dirt in it.

If you’d like to lessen the amount of cleaning that you need to do on your rug or mat, consider having the family take off shoes before entering the house.

There is a lot of dirt tracked under the shoes, and taking them off ensures that it isn’t spread throughout the house.

If you are having other family members or friends over, you can also try using shoe covers if they are not comfortable taking off their shoes. This also ensures that dirt is not tracked in the house.

Cleaner and Healthier Every Day

With everything going on in our busy lives, it is easy to breeze through cleaning and overlook important things.

Fortunately, we’ve provided a list of items that are often overlooked but should not be forgotten when cleaning at home. Keep these in mind as you continue your cleaning at home.

More importantly, have an open and vigilant mind for other things that you may overlook but really need to clean.

Let’s strive to keep our homes cleaner, while we benefit from it by being healthier every day.