Top Cleaning Chores That You Can Do Once a Year

January 5, 2022 0 Comments

Cleaning is a very important endeavor in people’s lives. For one, cleaning can do away with any bacteria and viruses that are festering in dirty surfaces or areas. Keeping things clean allows people to stay healthy and happy.

Apart from that, the state of one’s environment can often reflect the mood and mental well-being of the people who reside in it. This is why it is a common thing that when people feel like they are stuck in a rut, they clean.

While cleaning is important, it may feel like a never ending race. A clean surface or area will eventually amass dirt or clutter once more. This may feel like the finish line is pushed further back every time.

However, there are certain cleaning chores that only need to be done annually. In knowing what these chores are, you can save your energy and direct it to other tasks, cleaning or otherwise, that matter.

Here are the top cleaning chores that you can do just once a year.

Yearly Cleaning Chores

Outside Windows

Cleaning the outside of your windows is the first cleaning chore that you can get away with doing just once a year.

If you are a person who likes the morning light, then you know how important cleaning the outside windows is. The natural light gives us vitamin D, helps us stay focused, improves our mood, and may even be a trigger for us being happy.

The first step to cleaning those windows is to look out for the weather. Ideally, you wouldn’t be trying to clean your windows when it is raining. It is much like trying to wash your car on a rainy day. The rain could bring you further away from attaining your clean window goals.

Look out for a clear day instead. You also want to watch out for sunny days as the sun’s rays may end up streaking your cleaning agents.

In terms of cleaning agents, you can use a vinegar solution to really make the windows shine. Start from the top so the cleaner doesn’t leave streaks on the surfaces you already cleaned at the bottom.

Ensure that you are using a cloth that is very clean. The dirt on your cloth may leave unwanted streaks and dirt on your window panes.

One final tip we are giving is that when you initially spray on your cleaner, give it a few minutes to really work its magic before wiping it off.


Next up, we have carpets. Carpets are a great addition to the home that allow it to feel more comfortable to live in. Thankfully, the way carpets are manufactured really allows them to be cleaned annually.

While vacuuming the carpets is a way to keep it clean, it doesn’t really take away all the bacteria there. Washing your carpets once a year is really important as it not only extends the life of your carpet but also helps create a very clean living environment.

For drink spills, pet droppings, and other stains, club soda is a great tool to help you revitalize your carpet.

Despite the vacuuming and club soda cleaning, your carpet will still need some deep cleaning. You can only do this with a carpet cleaning tool that does this specific task. This tools may be rented out from various stores.

Another solution is bringing your carpets to professional services that will take care of this task for you.

Junk and Clutter

Everyone has that lone drawer that is home to various forms and types of miscellaneous items. This is otherwise known as the junk drawer. This is home to things like locks, keys, batteries, and many other items that you don’t know what to do with.

Once a year, it may do you good to clean out this drawer. You never know what new uses you can find for the items inside it.

In order to clean your junk drawer, start by taking everything out. When you have everything out, you can start organizing them into the items that you will keep and the items you will likely throw out.

Be sure to clean out the drawer first before you start putting the items back in it. You can also purchase some organizers to put inside your drawer to help organize the items.

Upholstered and Patio Furniture

Your upholstered furniture is another thing that you can get away with cleaning just once a year. The process for cleaning these pieces of furniture is likely dependent on the type of furniture you have.

If your furniture has covers, then you can take those off and just clean via your washing machine.

If they do not though, then chances are you’ll need to clean them yourselves. The tools you need are a good steam cleaner and spray bottles. Test out these tools elsewhere first, so you know if it will change the color of the furniture.

Another tip that you’ll need to keep into consideration is the places where arms, legs, and head are the ones that will require the most cleaning.

If you don’t have the time and knowhow to clean your own upholstered furniture, you can seek help from a variety of furniture professional cleaning service providers out there.

Another type of furniture that you should clean once a year is your patio furniture outside. Depending on the material of your patio furniture, the cleaning process and materials are very different.

For wooden patio furniture, an oil-based soap should be used. Plastic and metal can each be cleaned with mild dishwashing soap that you have in the house.

Many people often use pressurized washers to hose down their patio furniture. However, this may not be the most ideal practice since it can strip the paint off. A regular garden hose and some resilience is enough to get the job done.

Schedule Your Cleaning

These are several top cleaning chores that you can get away with just doing once a year. Other similar cleaning chores include curtains, light bulbs, the front door, the chimney and even the air ducts.

The only thing left to do here is to remember to schedule these cleaning chores. While it is only done once a year, it does require a lot of effort and commitment on your part. However, when you are done, you are creating a pristine, happy, and healthy living area.