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Home is where the heart is. However, if the house is not a clean sanctuary that promotes health and well-being, then the heart may soon wither.

When it comes to health, people often think about the food that people eat and the exercise regimen they go through. While not entirely false, it does leave out a key piece that people need to seriously take into consideration.

This lost piece is the state of the home. Home is where people spend most of their time. This means that it is essential to create a healthy atmosphere at home.

There are many things that people do that make the home unhealthy. The good thing though is that there are also a ton of things that people can do to create and keep a healthy home.

Follow these ways and tips to create and keep a healthy home, and you and your family’s hearts are going to be brimming with all manner of love and life.

Creating and Keeping a Healthy Home

Keep Plants Around

A green home is a happy and healthy home, and no we don’t mean the color of your walls. This tip for a healthy home centers around gathering plants for inside your home.

Apart from the fact that plants can help bring a sense of life and tranquility, it also goes a long way in ensuring the health of people.

When people think of air pollution, they usually think of the smog from factories or the emissions from vehicles. The major visualization is always external air pollution. No one really thinks about air pollution indoors, which is still a huge – if not bigger – concern.

Air pollution goes where the wind blows. This means that it has the capacity of entering our homes and creating an unhealthy environment. Thus, indoor air pollution is several times more dangerous than outdoor air pollution, especially because we spend a majority of our time indoors.

The solution then is to fill our homes with some plants that can help clear the air. Plants like English Ivy and Peace Lilies can help to remove all the air pollution in our homes.

As plants do, they absorb CO2 and give us sweet clean oxygen. Add to that the stress-relieving factors and the lively color, and it is a huge step towards creating a healthy home. Just don’t forget to water them and give them a lot of sun.

Wash Your Hands

The next tip we have is one that has come into prominence in the recent year or so. This simple tip is the overused but hugely necessary, wash your hands.

With the recent pandemic, the focus on keeping hands clean has become quite important. While this may not seem like a scale tipping action, it can actually have a massive impact on the health and lives of the loved ones we live with.

With how much we use our hands in and outdoors, they are natural magnets to all manner of contaminants. If we don’t cleanse our hands, we risk spreading these contaminants around and making people sick.

When washing hands, remember to take your time. A good hand wash should last at least 20 seconds. A good way to do this is to sing happy birthday at least twice.

At the same time, when washing with soap, make sure to get all the important areas. These include both the ins and outs of the fingers, the palm, the back of the hand, the knuckles, and even the wrists.

De-clutter Frequently

As the seasons come and go, it is easy to go through the motions of cleaning your home. However as time goes by, naturally people’s belongings begin to increase and accumulate. As the clutter grows, so too does the opportunity of dust, dirt, grime, and viruses to collect as well.

It is a great idea to de-clutter as frequently as possible. Many people are not exactly enthused by the idea of de-cluttering. The best times to do them are once as the seasons change.

For those feeling overwhelmed, go one room at a time. If you have help, you can assign one room to each family member. Decide whether you want to throw away, store, or donate your de-cluttered items.

Taking away the clutter not only gives you peace of mind and more space, but it also decreases the risk of dirt and viruses from staying and hindering the health of your family.

Take off Your Shoes

The final tip we have is a simple one, and it is to take your shoes off before entering the house. People may not realize it, but when we use our shoes to travel, we pick up a crazy amount of dirt, grime, and bacteria from the outside.

If they are not taken off outside the house, then these contaminants are tracked around the house and can significantly affect the health of people around.

Have an area where people can take off and store their shoes right by the front door.

Keep the Home Healthy

The list above contains only a few tips that you can practice to create a healthy home. There are so many more things that you can do such as using a water filter, changing the air filters, ensuring the house is well-ventilated, just to name a few.

The biggest thing to remember though is that anybody can (and definitely should) create a healthy home. However, the true challenge is in keeping your home healthy. Keep your homes healthy in order to keep the hearts of you and your loved ones healthy as well.