Tips for Upstaging Your Home for Business Meetings

October 11, 2022 0 Comments


If you are starting a business from home in 2022, then you know this is a far cry from what home-based businesses looked like in the 90s. That said, if you are considering opening a business from home and want to stay current, here are some helpful tips from Tiger Effects to upstage your home office to keep up with the times.

Staying contactless

While Covid-19 is looking like it’s a thing of the past, many business owners are starting to see the value in keeping things contactless to minimize the spread of even the likes of the common cold, for example. Furthermore, with automated software, this process is becoming more accessible and easier to implement when using tools such as e-signing software and scanning software such as QR codes, to name a few. Another example is using payroll software that you could use to send invoices to your customers electronically. Moreover, you could use a free invoice template generator to create customized invoices from scratch by adding your brand colors, logo, and other relevant information to the template provided, ensuring that your payment system stays as contactless as possible. 

Make sure your HVAC system is functioning properly

With the hot weather now in full swing, it is always a good idea to ensure your HVAC system is in good working order to make visiting clientele feel as cool and as comfortable as possible. From a hygiene point of view, an HVAC system does an excellent job of circulating air efficiently so that germs and viruses don’t linger in the air for long.

Let the fresh air circulate

In addition to having a well-functioning HVAC system, opening your doors, windows, and sliding doors will also assist in cooling your home office down to a large degree. 

Implement those extra preventative measures

While masks are no longer mandatory, they are free to use at your discretion, especially if you feel they would be helpful indoors when people are in close proximity to each other. Moreover, you can also supply hand sanitizer for clients who are still apprehensive about making contact with office devices.

Making your office as hospitable as possible

Apart from implementing the sanitary measures that are still necessary nowadays, it’s also vital to pay attention to the aesthetics of your home office to ensure it is as appealing as possible. So be sure to clear away any clutter that may be visible in the background when hosting a virtual meeting. Furthermore, you will probably have to invest in adequate lighting, such as ceiling track lights and adjustable ambient lights, to create a well-lit space that sets the right tone for virtual meetings that is also conducive to productivity. 

Be sure to record your improvements

If you plan on selling up one day, be sure to record your improvements, especially if you believe your upgrades will significantly impact your home’s appraisal value. Therefore, what might be helpful in this instance is to take before and after photos so that you can justify the investments you have made in your home. 

Indeed, it pays to invest time and effort to create a home office that you’ll be proud to invite clients to. Moreover, you should have even more peace of mind if it is safe and hygienic too. 

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