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Shoe covers are an effective tool for workers and contractors over a variety of industries.

Shoe covers are typically made from a stretchy fabric that clings to your shoes and can be used as either disposable shoe covers or reusable shoe covers. When placed over the feet, shoe covers help prevent dirt from being tracked throughout a business’s workplace and client’s homes by protecting carpets and flooring from incoming debris from outside.

Furthermore, they help in protecting a client’s home or area, adding another layer of customer service and care to what you offer. In addition to increasing and promoting cleanliness, shoe covers also provide warmth and safety for workers who stand and walk on cold floors during their shift.

While not widely known, companies can use the presence of employees wearing shoe covers, and the shoe covers themselves, as an opportunity to increase brand awareness.

Read on through this article and find out how you can increase your brand awareness by using shoe covers.



For many reputable businesses, brand logos appear on shoe covers. This creates visual exposure when staffers wear them around work spaces where clients are present. If marketed correctly, the shoe covers themselves can become their own marketing tool, just like branded pens or water bottles.

While it doesn’t necessitate the use of shoe covers, consider adding your logo to them for increased brand awareness in your business. Most businesses find this is a better option than having employees wearing branded apparel, which can be limiting when it comes to personal style and comfort.

Shoe covers are also beneficial because they don’t come with the same stigma as other types of branded clothing. In fact, many clients may not even notice that someone is wearing them unless you inform them otherwise.

It’s important to note that adding logos on shoe covers will require more investment out-of-pocket but is a way to increase brand awareness through visual exposure.


Having your staff wear shoe covers along with a clean and presentable uniform helps largely to create the image of a professional and united front. This way, when clients and customers see these teams, they get this associated image of a well put together team.

This clean image, along with the branded shoe covers, helps them remember your brand better. For businesses, it is in your best interest to have customers remember your brand as one of quality. It doesn’t hurt that the logo on the shoe covers is constantly in their line of vision as well.


Another way to increase brand awareness with shoe covers is by marketing them as a business gift. Branding the exterior of the shoe cover is one method, whereas another option is having employees distribute them out to customers and clients as thank you gifts following their appointment or visit.

This creates positive associations with your business, as well as your logo and product. Moreover, wherever they go and whenever they use your shoe covers, they can easily and instantly be reminded of your brand that cares.

Furthermore, when they bring these shoe covers around, they act as walking advertisements. Their friends and families also get exposed to your brand, and if they are in need of your services, you may get referred.


Everything that you and your employees do reflects on the company or brand. That is why it is important to act professionally and do well on the job. This leaves a lasting image and impression that spreads through word of mouth.

One of the first things that customers will always remember about a brand is the quality of the work. If you deliver on what was agreed upon, it will create a dependable company image. However, this isn’t the only way to create a positive image.

Another way to do this is by showing some extra care and protection in what you do. While there are many ways to do this, wearing shoe covers while you carry out your work is a surefire way to leave a lasting positive image.

When you wear shoe covers into a person’s home, you stop dirt and bacteria from tracking into the person’s house. More than that though, the use of shoe covers helps to protect the floor of a customer’s house from any scratches and damages that may take place.

The fact that this extra care and protection is facilitated through your branded shoe covers helps increase your company’s brand awareness.


Overall, using shoe covers to increase brand awareness has many benefits both for workers and those they will be interacting with on a daily basis. It is one more reason people should buy from you and not your competitor!

It’s clear that shoe covers can be a great way to increase your brand awareness and get more eyes on your product. We hope this guide has been helpful in understanding how shoe covers can help your branding awareness efforts.

Equip your employees with shoe covers today and start increasing your company’s brand awareness.