Shoe Covers: Improving Real Estate Agents’ Services

January 5, 2022 0 Comments

In an uncertain and competitive world, finding the smallest advantage can really help a person or business towards success. And if you’re lucky, they may even make a difference for your customers and other parties involved as well.

The same is true for real estate agents and shoe covers. Looking at the phrases “real estate agents” and “shoe covers” initially doesn’t seem to evoke any sort of connection that would make sense out of the pair.

The truth though is that while not readily apparent, shoe covers can do a variety of things for real estate agents. They can also do wonders for the homeowners and the potential buyers of houses.

As the poem says, let us count the ways which shoe covers can improve real estate agents’ services as well as other benefits they give homeowners and potential buyers.

Benefits to Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are the guide and gateway to finding people new homes. According to Maslows’ Hierarchy of Needs, shelter or a home is one of the most important things a person needs to have before moving up the pyramid and attaining other needs. It is as essential as the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the clothes on our backs.

That is why the real estate agent’s job is important. Now, the real estate agent’s job is not as simple as it sounds. Apart from finding the houses for sale and the negotiations, real estate agents also need to contend with other worldly problems in order to give the best service possible.

The Coronavirus

In today’s day and age, with the pandemic running rampant, real estate agents need to think about the Coronavirus and keeping it at bay in the houses that they sell.

A study in 2019 showed that shoes found at the hospital where Coronavirus originated had small samples of Coronavirus on them. These could be tracked to various places as people walk around.

Using shoe covers though, you can be sure that wherever agents and buyers have been, they will not track any traces of the virus around the houses that they’ll be looking at.

Floor Protection

Another great benefit of shoe covers is floor protection from various things.

A study conducted showed that people who walked in new shoes for just two weeks had over 400,000 units of bacteria tracking on the outside. More than 90% of the bacteria on these shoes were fecal matter.

Just like the Coronavirus, the shoe covers can also help protect house floors from dirt, mud, and yes, even fecal matter.

Apart from that, shoe covers can help protect the investments that buyers are getting into. People may inadvertently wear damaging footwear or walk in a way that scratches the surface of the floor.

The shoe covers help avoid any scratches, scuffing, and damages to the house’s floors.

Marketing and Extra Service

Finally, real estate agents can openly design shoe covers for marketing purposes. With the right supplier, shoe covers can be fitted with the right logos and branding that not only market the real estate company, but also let customers know what kind of company you are.

Furthermore, the free shoe covers given out will be taken home by customers. They can then use these shoe covers for a variety of purposes and across a number of professions.

Benefits to Buyers and Homeowners

For homeowners that are working with real estate agents to sell their homes, and for the buyers that are visiting these homes, shoe covers also have various benefits.

For one, when buyers visit certain homes, they can rest assured that their floors will stay pristine and undamaged. This is due to the previously discussed protection that shoe covers give.

Thus, homeowners can rest assured that their house stays undamaged, and an undamaged house means that it can be sold for the maximum value.

Since shoe covers also keep the floors clean, this means that both homeowners and real estate agents can save time and money. With floors that stay clean, there wouldn’t be a need to clean them so often.

Finally, for the buyers, the shoe covers give a benefit that actually benefits everybody. In understanding what the shoe covers stand to give – all the protection from viruses, germs, bacteria, and more – buyers can come to open houses with comfort and security.

Without anything stressing them, they can then think clearly and make a calm and informed decision on buying a house. This is a win-win-win for everyone involved: buyers get a home, the homeowners get to sell their house, and real estate agents get the sale!

Covering All the Bases

We hope that this has explained how shoe covers can help improve the service of real estate agents, as well as the benefits they have for buyers and homeowners.

It must be noted though that not all shoe covers are created equal. Some shoe covers literally just cover the shoes.

While these normal shoe covers also offer all the benefits discussed, consider Tiger Effects shoe covers. These specially designed shoe covers not only have these benefits too, but they were created with the customer in mind. In truth, they are more than just pieces of cloth put over shoes.

For starters, Tiger Effects shoe covers have elastic openings that allow them to be slipped on and off without any inconvenience. Despite the elasticity, the soft but sturdy fabric allows for the shoe covers to retain its shape even after multiple uses. The heavy-duty Corduroy ensures that these shoe covers can withstand daily wear and tear.

They are also easy to clean. If they are ever soiled, simply toss them into the washing machine for a nice and easy cleaning.

Finally, they have a good grip that allows them to be used with no risks of slips or injuries, and they are also engineered to keep moisture out.

Consider Tiger Effects shoe covers; a shoe cover that not only improves real estate agents’ services, but also covers all the bases for people’s needs.