Worry free covers for different types of shoes. It stretches to fit shoes easily and it's handy to keep them clean all the time.

There's always a good reason to keep you shoes clean, but there's only one shoe cover to keep dirt and mud away!

Heavy duty fabric and reinforced seams with sure-grip textured and water resistant soles.

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Protect Floors & Footwear (Affordably): Shield your shoes from damage & your floors from mud & moisture with these value-priced shoe covers. Ideal for homes, hospitals, contractors & others.

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100% Waterproof, Non-Slip Grip, Easy To Wear And Long Lasting Outdoor Shoe Covers. At Tiger Effects, your satisfaction is our top priority. Our shoe covers are backed with a 100% money-back guarantee

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Tiger Effects Apparel

Be Part Of Tiger Effects Family. Get Your Tiger Effects Gear Now With Money Back Guarantee And Huge Discount On Gear. Don’t let sunburn, wind, sand, or other elements ruin your day! 

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Tiger Effects Shoe Covers Are Available In Two Different Styles

Standard Logo Shoe Covers

Features of standard logo shoe covers are reusable, water-resistant, and machine washable.

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Personalized Booties Shoe Covers

Personalize your shoe covers with your own company logo It serves as an effective branding and promotional tool that is innovative and different. 

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What People Say About Us!

I've just ordered my second pair. My first pair are just over a year old. I work around and in some nasty stuff so I didn't want to track anything in to my house. So I used the plastic covers for a while and got tired of constantly buying them. I came across these and gave them a try. I only use these when I'm coming and going to my truck and house for work. So it's about 75ft. 25 inside and 50 outside on concrete.


These come in different sizes so they fit much better than the paper booties and they have a rubber tread on the bottom so the aren't slippery on hard floors . They also don't look nearly as stupid as the paper booties.

- Amazon customer

Man for a shoe cover these are the best that Ive bought to this date. Initially I was browsing for some bowling shoe cover and couldn't find anything that I would be satisfied with... And Then I saw the Tigers!!!! I knew right then that these were the covers that I was looking for!!!! Not only do they have certain something n appearance but I Quote the feel you get when you have on!!! Amazing...Wow...Awsome….Ok that to much but Man they are comfortable!!! Thank you!!! I am now a Fan!!!

- Amazon Cusotmer

Wow thanks for the instantaneous reply! I wish you all the best in your endeavors and let me know how to best provide my feedback to help promote it. I got my pair and used them right away; they are easy to put on and keep me from mucking up the house coming in out and working in our gardens

- Jim Muir

I like these. They fit perfectly and seem to be very good shoe covers. I was happy to see these shoe covers had a good non slip bottom.

- David Sisk

I am using these for my bowling shoes when walking around the concourse to keep the soles dry and clean. Feel free to advertise them for this use as well. Better quality than I expected. I have passed your name on to fellow bowlers so hopefully you will be getting future orders. Thanks very much for quick shipping too!

- Amazon customer

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