About Us:

Tiger Effects is a Florida-based business on a mission to spread the small victory and peace of mind that comes with a customer service and satisfaction.

 It all started when Bob, founder of Tiger Effects, moved into his new home. Unfortunately, rainy weather hit on moving day and – by no intentional fault of their own – the movers tracked rain and mud all over his new floors and carpet.  He wanted to find a solution that benefited the homeowners, businesses, and the contractors themselves. As an avid traveler, Bob has been all over the world and realized that here in the United States, we’re quite lucky to have a clean space to call our own.

He wanted to make it easy for people to keep their shoes and spaces clean and be safe and easy to use for the users. Also wanted to be environmentally friendly and create a option for multiple uses for cost effective and environmentally friendly  Thus, Tiger Effects Reusable shoe covers was born!  

At Tiger Effects, we aim to give home and workplace the security, Safety and peace of mind that they deserve. As the son of a Vietnam War vet, Bob believes in giving back and supporting America’s heroes. A portion of Tiger Effects profits go directly to supporting our American veterans.

Value Proposition:

 1.       Enhance Customer Image

·    Tiger Effects are purpose-built to help you enhance your service offering so you can leave a lasting impression on your customers.  

2.       Customize Your Covers

Choose from our standard cover or personalize a set that embodies your company branding.

3.       Protect Shoes and Home·       

Our designs are flexible and ergonomically designed to protect shoes and spaces.

4.       Indoor & Outdoor Environments·       

Tiger Effects is perfect for shielding shoes against outdoor environments. At the same time, they’re great for protecting indoor spaces like homes, workplaces, and hospitals.

5.       Quality Made·       

Rest assured your shoes are safe, ergonomic design, and non-slip grip