Improving Manual Handling With Indoor Shoe Covers

November 4, 2022 0 Comments

At some point throughout life, you likely would have needed to lift something heavy. Whether it’s moving a piece of furniture or moving groceries around, lifting can be a chore.

Apart from household chores, the act of lifting and moving loads – otherwise known as manual handling – is very common in the construction industry. Every day, construction workers have to handle heavy objects.

While this is both a reality at home and in construction, it can also be very dangerous if not done correctly.

Improper manual handling can lead to back injuries, which can be debilitating and expensive to treat. Thankfully, there are proper and laid out methods to improve techniques.

Apart from following proper technique though, another way to improve manual handling and prevent injuries is by wearing indoor shoe covers.

Read on and learn more about how these covers can help out when lifting and moving loads.

A Closer Look at Manual Handling

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Common Injuries

The most common injuries that occur from manual handling are strains, sprains, and fractures. However, more serious injuries such as hernias, spinal cord damage, and dislocations can also occur.

In order to prevent these injuries from happening, it’s important to follow proper manual handling techniques.

The Right Way to Lift Objects

There are a few things to keep in mind when lifting objects:

  • The first is to always assess the situation. This means taking a look at the object that needs to be lifted and determining if it’s too heavy or if there are any hazards present.
  • The second is to get a good grip on the object. Make sure that you’re holding it close to your body and that your hands are in a comfortable position.
  • Then, make sure to lift with your legs. This means bending at the knees and not at the waist. You should also keep the object close to your body as you’re lifting it.
  • When turning, make sure to do it with the feet and not twisting the body. This helps to decrease any possible injuries.
  • The fifth and final step is to place the object down carefully. This means making sure that it’s in a stable position and that it won’t fall over.

While these steps may seem simple, they’re important in preventing injuries. By following them, you can help to make manual handling safe for both yourself and those around you.

How Indoor Shoe Covers Help

In addition to following proper manual handling techniques, another way to stay safe when lifting is by wearing shoe covers.

Shoe covers are often worn in construction or healthcare settings to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. However, they can also help to improve safety when lifting.

There are a few ways that shoe covers help to improve manual handling.

Sure and Stable Footing When Lifting

One of the main ways that shoe covers help is by providing a stable footing. This is especially important when lifting heavy objects.

Often, people can lose their footing when lifting something heavy. This can lead to injuries such as strains, sprains, and fractures.

Indoor shoe covers can help to provide a stable footing. They often have a textured bottom that helps to grip the floor. This provides a stable base for lifting loads with one’s feet and legs.

Secured Steps When Transporting Loads

Another way that shoe covers improve manual handling is by securing steps when transporting loads. This is especially important where there may be spills on the floor.

If someone was to step in a spill without shoe covers, they could easily slip and fall. This could lead to serious injuries.

Indoor shoe covers can help to prevent this by providing a secure grip on the floor. This is important when transporting loads from one place to another.

Protected Feet For Hazardous Spills

A final way that shoe covers improve manual handling is by protecting feet from any hazardous spills. If the load being moved is hazardous chemicals, or if there are dangerous spills around, the covers add additional protection.

If someone was to step in a spill without shoe covers, they could easily come into contact with dangerous diseases and pathogens. Shoe covers can help to protect against this by creating a barrier between the foot and the floor.

Lift and Move With Ease

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