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Cleaning products are essential to any household. Like everything though, these cleaning products are quickly being taken for granted. People think that since these products are meant to clean that all the needs to be done is just use them in a straightforward manner.

However, in some cases, this way of thinking may cause mistakes. There are products today that contain certain ingredients that dictate the way they are meant to be used. Unfortunately, these directions are not always shared.

Don’t worry though, because we are here to share with you several everyday cleaning products that people are using wrong and how to use it right.

Knowing how to use various cleaning products correctly can help save money, time, and most importantly, keep possessions and parts of the house intact.



The first “cleaning product” we’ll be taking a look at is water. Yes, the life-giving liquid that has so many uses is a staple when cleaning many things and areas. However, there are certain cases where using water can potentially harm certain areas. In this case, it is with hardwood floors.

While water is generally seen as harmless, if it is used on hardwood floors it can serve to damage it. Using water on wood can potentially warp it. This will ruin the walkways that you and your family take daily. It is much better to utilize a cleaning product that is specifically for hardwood floors.


Whether you are feeling gung-ho or want to get it out of the way, cleaning requires an active body and plenty of effort. It is easy to push oneself forward in order to get things done and out of the way. With bathroom cleaners though, it may not be the case.

When using bathroom cleaners, slow and steady is the way to follow. Most people throw in bathroom cleaners and begin to scrub or wash away. In reality though, bathroom cleaners need to sit for 10 minutes before cleaning.


The fact that they named this cleaner “all-purpose” is quite misleading. In truth, using all-purpose cleaners for all parts of your house, even those made up of varying materials, is a big mistake.

Just like hardwood floors, there are specific surfaces and materials that require specific cleaning products to clean. It is best to understand what these are first before using all-purpose cleaners for everything.

All-purpose cleaners are normally used to clean bathrooms and kitchens, but if your cleaner doesn’t specify what kind of surface it is safe for, always test in an inconspicuous place first.


If there is one smell that people absolutely love, it is laundry detergent. Keeping your clothes clean each and everyday and having a great smell following you wherever you go is a good feeling to have. This is why it is easy for people to go overboard when using laundry detergent.

Using too much laundry detergent may be counter-productive though. It may end up ruining the good smell people like so much. When too much laundry detergent is used, it tends to accumulate in clothes and the washer. This accumulation can give an unpleasant smell to clothes, as well as reducing the effectivity of the washer.


Cleaning glass and windows feels great. Looking through a window to the beauty of the outside world is far better when the glass is clean.

Again, the mistake people make here is assuming the more is better. People think that using more of the glass cleaner solution will lead to cleaner windows. However, if there is one thing that is irritating when cleaning windows or glass, it is those pesky streaks. Using more glass cleaner than needed can help contribute to these streaks forming.


Bleach and ammonia are two very common cleaning products. However, the fact that they are commonly used does not mean that they are not dangerous in their own right. Using these cleaning products wrong can be quite fatal.

If you are using bleach and ammonia in rooms that are not properly ventilated, then you are making quite the mistake. Each of these products create fumes that are harmful to people. If breathed in, it can damage a person’s respiratory system, give people headaches, and even exacerbate allergies. When cleaning with bleach and ammonia, keep windows and doors wide open.

Additionally, it is important to note that if bleach and ammonia are mixed together, it could cause an even more deadly and fatal gas.

Finally, it is important to read where it is best to use these cleaning products. Many people think that bleach is used to clean every inch of a bathroom. This is a big mistake though as bleach can corrode metal.


Cleaning can be a fun and easy task when you know how to do it properly. The key is knowing what products work best for each surface and material, as well as the right way to use each.

We hope that these small changes to your cleaning routine will make a big difference.