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Are you tired of spending hours upon hours cleaning your home? Does it feel as if all of your time is spent on keeping the house clean and that none of your other life goals are being accomplished?

Well, some individuals do not have this problem. They find a way to make their lives easier, and they allow for more free time in which they can spend with friends, family or pursue other hobbies.

What does this solution entail? What is this secret to a cleaner and healthier home without lifting a finger? We’re here to share several tips that you can do to having a cleaner and healthier home with less effort.



First and foremost, one of the ways that people with an easier time cleaning their homes is by using household gadgets that can do most of the work for them. Cleaning with a gadget saves you hours upon hours of scrubbing surfaces like bathtubs, shower stalls, counter tops, ovens, stoves, mirrors; you name it!

Some examples of these gadgets include: steam mops (also known as electric mops), floor cleaners (which come in many forms such as carpet cleaners and vacuum cleaners), automatic dishwashers, and robotic vacuums.

Cleaning with a steam mop can save you from hours of scrubbing, as it cleans surfaces through the use of hot water and steam. This process is very effective for those households with hardwood flooring.

Cleaning floors with a floor cleaner makes cleaning floors much easier! Cleaning floors can be a huge chore that lasts for hours, but a machine that does the work for you will make this task seem easy by comparison.

Different floor cleaners have different uses, such as carpet cleaners which are great for those who have rugs and carpets on their floor. Vacuum cleaners clean multiple types of surfaces, so they are also useful household gadgets to consider if you want an easier time cleaning floors.

Cleaning dishes with an automatic dishwasher is liberating for any individual who hates having to scrub pots and pans at the sink (especially pots and pans that are stained or caked with burnt food).

The dishwasher does not only clean your dirty dishes, it also sanitizes them in the process, which means you can eat off of them without worry after they come out!

Finally, we have the robotic vacuums. These useful machines have hit the mainstream, and with good reason. As they roam around your home, they clean up all the dirt and grime from your floor.


Another tip that can make life easier is getting help from your family. Cleaning should be a group effort because it allows for other people to pitch in. Plus, cleaning will no longer seem like drudgery if you have other people helping you out with it!

Children often enjoy helping out with chores as well, so why not get them involved? Cleaning can become a great learning experience for children.

Getting everyone to pitch in makes cleaning significantly easier. Furthermore, it gives each family member a sense of ownership for the cleanliness around their home.


It also never hurts to beautify your living space by decluttering it. Cleaning clutter off of tables or around the house can save you time while cleaning because there are less things that need scrubbing at the sink or dusting off with a cloth.

Getting rid of items and objects that aren’t being used regularly and just taking up space is a great practice for keeping your home clean. For starters, decluttering takes away space where dirt, dust, and grime can live. At the same time, doing this means that you’ll have less to clean.

Cleaning with clutter can be difficult, especially when trying to clean surfaces that are cluttered with knickknacks that you treasure. You can choose to simply place them in a safer place out of the way before beginning your cleaning regimen or just get rid of it!


Using baking soda is another great tip for making cleaning simple because it can do so many things when you use for cleaning your house. It eliminate odors without masking them with harsh chemical fragrances.

Baking soda absorbs smells and leaves behind a pleasant scent once its job is done. It can also act well when trying to remove dirt spots and sanitizing your home.

A good way to utilize baking soda is to combine about 15 drops with an essential oil. Then, you can drop it on the floor and have the robot vacuum work its magic with the additional power of baking soda.


The reality is that most of us are not going to have the time or energy for elaborate cleaning. However, there are still ways you can keep your home clean with less effort.

Keep cleaning as simple as possible, but don’t skimp out on how effective you’ll be doing it. It is still important to ensure that your home is as clean and healthy as possible.

Working smarter by utilizing these cleaning tips will help you reclaim your time and use it for better things like friends, family, or doing the things you love.

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