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Many people don’t think about it, but most of us spend more time on our feet than we do in any other position. Since there is no way around standing up, the longer someone walks around without being mindful about it, the stronger the chances are dirt and other contaminants are tracked on to the floors.

Cleaning floors is a whole ordeal that usually ends up with spent time and energy. Cleaning up the mess afterwards is much harder than keeping floors clean from the get-go. Be that as it may, in many cases, getting floors dirty is inevitable.

Having dirty floors is a definite eyesore to the pristine cleanliness we all want in our homes and workplaces. Furthermore, contaminants can introduce diseases and illnesses that can affect everyone around.

This is why it is essential to keep floors as clean as possible. It can help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, it can make you feel more comfortable in your home, and it can even save you money by preventing expensive repairs to flooring.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on the way to having clean floors and healthier homes and work areas.

Essential Tips to Keeping Floors Clean

Use the Right Vacuum Attachments

Use a vacuum cleaner with attachments to get into tight spaces. You will not only be able to get rid of dirt and dust, but you’ll also be able to spot any potential damage on the floors before it gets worse.

There are many common vacuum attachments. These include things like the dusting brush, upholstery attachment, and extension wand. For floors though, think of investing in the crevice tool attachment.

The crevice tool is very thin with an angled shape. This is the ideal attachment to reach around those hard to reach corners. This can be used for places like around furniture and even refrigerators.

Sweep First, Mop Later

Sweep up dirt with a broom before using a mop or wet cloth on top.

Mopping is a great cleaner for floors because it helps break down the dirt into more manageable pieces, helping it to be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner attachment later on if you so desire.

Before mopping though, be sure to sweep first though. Ensure that large clumps of dirt are cleared away. Mopping over these will create more mess that you’ll need to contend with.

Speed on Spills

Clean spills as soon as they happen so they don’t dry out and become permanent stains on your flooring.

Before you attempt to clean anything, try to absorb as much of the liquids with paper towels or a rag. You may want to use a variety of cleaners on different spots – like one for grease and another for water. Cleaners containing bleach are great at getting rid of germs and bacteria that can be present from spills.

Apart form paper towels, consider using microfiber pads. They’ll absorb more than paper towels will.

A Little Bit of Elbow Grease

If all else fails, use some elbow grease and scrub away at stubborn spots with an old toothbrush (or other similar tools).

Sometimes, the good old fashioned way is the best way. There is nothing like scrubbing away with a brush to ensure that all the dirt is eradicated from your floors.

You might be surprised what comes off after just one good scrubbing session.

Shoe Covers

Wearing shoe covers will guarantee that the only thing you need to clean is your hands.

When you wear shoe covers on clean floors, it just adds a protective layer that will prevent stains and dirt from getting in. Cleaning and protecting your floor are both important factors when trying to keep it looking good and healthy. We can’t always control the weather but at least we can make sure our feet do not ruin the inside of our homes.

Apart from keeping floors clean, another reason why you should use shoe covers is the protection it affords our floors. The scuffing that shoes creates on floors can make pockets of space that dirt can reside in. It also helps save some on some money as you won’t need to constantly repair your floors.

Furthermore, wearing shoe covers will allow you to spend your time elsewhere, like keeping other areas of your house clean and in order.

Always Keep Your Floors Clean

Keeping your floors clean doesn’t have to be difficult. While it may require some effort to keep everything spick-and-span, following these tips will certainly make life easier.

Spend some time on your floors. It will help to create a good and healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

One good thing to remember is that prevention is always better. Check out Tiger Effects’ shoe covers now and keep the floors of your home and workplace clean and pristine.