Affordable Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Living Space

March 31, 2022 0 Comments


Are you bored of your home’s decor? If so, there are plenty of easy ways to transform your house without spending a lot of money. Tiger Effects presents a few ideas you can explore below.

Spruce Up Your Furniture

If you need to upgrade your furniture, but you don’t want to replace your couch, you can get it professionally cleaned instead. Upholstered furniture holds dust in the fibers and stains easily, so it may look older than it is. A deep steam clean can work wonders and make your chairs and sofas look new.

Do some research before hiring a company. Make sure you look at reviews on websites such as, for example, to see if the team delivers on its promises. You should also keep an eye out for companies that use all-in-one cleaners instead of specialized chemicals, as these don’t work as well. Don’t be afraid to ask for customer referrals before getting a quote.

Change Your Flooring

If you have the money or don’t mind doing it yourself, you can make a major upgrade to your property with new flooring. Natural stone is an excellent option if you have a big budget, as it looks gorgeous and significantly raises property value. If you need something more affordable, laminate is a popular choice since it comes in a variety of styles. If you’re feeling daring, you can mix flooring for unique effects. Keep in mind that when you’re working on new flooring (or any other home project for that matter), products from Tiger Effects can help protect both your flooring and your footwear.

Update Hardware

Hardware and fixtures get used frequently, but most homeowners don’t think about them beyond the original install. However, if you want to make a big change without starting a massive project, you should consider updating these items:

  1. Faucets
  2. Door handles
  3. Cabinet
  4. handles
  5. Sink handles

Deep Clean

Sometimes all you need to revitalize your home is a thorough cleaning. While you may regularly clean your living space, some areas don’t get a lot of love:

  1. Baseboards
  2. Fan blades
  3. Door frames
  4. Tile grout

Doing a deep clean every six months or so gets rid of built-up grime and makes your home look new.

Wash the Exterior

If your house’s exterior looks dull, you can give it new life with power washing. This super-powered cleaning technique skips harsh chemicals in favor of pressurized water. As a result, you can easily reach second-story windows from the ground and blast away dust settled in brickwork and mortar.

Invest in Storage

Once you get rid of clutter, you need to create an organizational system, or it’ll just pile up again. Fortunately, there are decor items that double as storage. For example, you can use wicker baskets to hold office supplies, cleaning supplies and loose items. Wicker goes with nearly any style, as does wood, and most home decor stores have organizational pieces in these materials.

Add Art

Art pieces are a great way to personalize your space and studies show that viewing them can relieve stress. If you don’t have any art on your walls yet, there are plenty of places to find framed paintings and photos:

  1. Home decor
  2. stores
  3. Etsy shops
  4. Online
  5. marketplaces such as Amazon

You can also find sculptures, textured pieces, tapestries, and ornate mirrors to satisfy your art cravings.

Switch Your Lampshades

How often do you think about your lampshades? These decor items do double duty as practical light diffusers and aesthetic pieces. If you want to make a small change with a big effect, look into changing your old lampshades.

Refreshing your home may feel like a big job, but when you break it into little tasks, it’s more than manageable. With just a few of these tips, you can bring a new spark to your living space.

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