Things To Check And Consider Before Hiring A Professional Cleaning Company

January 5, 2022 0 Comments

If you are one of those who are obsessed with having a clean house, or just wanted to give your family a clean and healthy environment, you might have considered hiring a professional cleaning company.  Yes, you can do it yourself or have all the members of the household do their fair share in the chores.  But, if you want a more thorough cleaning to ensure that every nook and cranny of your home is cleaned and disinfected, then it’s best to consider getting the services of the experts.

An office or a big establishment may seem to be the more likely ones who would hire a professional cleaning company, but that doesn’t mean households cannot do the same.  You might be swamped with work too and don’t have the luxury of time to spend a thorough cleaning so getting the professionals in could be a very good idea.

But don’t just jump yet at the first cleaning company that you find, there are major things to check and consider before you hire a professional cleaning company.  Not all are the same, remember that.

Exudes professionalism

A reliable professional cleaning company must be professional in everything.  Check out their websites, their representatives, and their office if they have one.  Another thing to check is if they have a well-established protocol and policy in conducting their business. How do they get their customers on board? Do they have designated cleaning uniforms? How do they present their services to customers? Are they using web ads or brochures and other print materials?  How do they entertain customer queries?  Will the services be covered by a contract?  

These are just some of the questions that you need to address to see if a certain cleaning company is professional in its dealings.  When a cleaning company is professional in its operations then you would likely expect that their services would be sought-after.

Highly rated for their services

Positive reviews can influence our decisions whether to go for one or the other.  We do not only mean the reviews dropped on their website that could possibly have been drafted by and for themselves.  Rather, positive referrals from those that actually acquired their services.  You can ask from friends and colleagues from your social network to dig into the kind of service that a potential cleaning company you’re eyeing to hire is giving.  The more highly-rated they are, you will be more assured that they could be the kind of cleaning service provider that you’re looking for.

Cleaning personnel are highly-trained

We may perceive cleaning as an ordinary skill that anyone can do and has.  But to clean professionally is a special skill that requires training.  It is not a simple scrub-and-wipe process.  Professional cleaning will also entail use of cleaning equipment, cleaning solutions and other tools.  It would also require minor electrical and plumbing repair skills.

Apart from the technical and mechanical skills, they must also have interpersonal skills – they must know how to get along with their superiors and their customers.  You can get some details about this from the positive referrals that you get during your search for a cleaning company.

Adequate cleaning equipment and tools

The cleaning company must be equipped with the right cleaning tools to make their service more efficient.  The cleaning equipment arsenal includes vacuums, floor buffers, buckets and wringers, microfiber dust cloths, pump up sprayers, carpet machines and others.  When a cleaning company has these types of equipment, you will have an idea on the kind of deep cleaning that they do.

Proximity and accessibility

Look for a professional cleaning company located within the community that you live in.  Not only will it be easy for you to contact them, there is a wider network of homes or your acquaintances that might have acquired their services.  It will be easier for you to gather referrals that can help you in deciding which company to hire.  Even if you get hold of the most highly-rated cleaning company but are located far from you, it may not be feasible to hire them, cost-wise.  So, source locally, for certain you can find one.

License, registration and certifications

A professional cleaning company must be a duly registered business so you would know who to run after in case of breach of agreement.  They must also have a license allowing them to operate as a cleaning company.  This is part of exuding professionalism guaranteeing that they are serious in the cleaning business and that they are intent on operating longer.

There are certifications available that can boost a cleaning company’s image and reputation.  While it may not be required, it can in a way display competence making their services more appealing to the customers.

Insurance coverage

Insurance is important when you let your homes be cleaned by a third party.  This can open risky situations where your things at home such as your furniture, walls or floors can get damaged.  While not intentionally done, the risk of causing damage is high because of having equipment being moved around the house to clean; or having several people do a lot of things at the same time.  Accidents can be avoided but not totally inevitable so it’s best to be covered when these types of situations happen.


The cost of professional cleaning services tends to go upwards depending on the kind of cleaning service that you demand.  The price really is a major concern but shouldn’t be made as the only factor that can influence your decision.  There are very affordable packages provided by cleaning companies but the quality of service is questionable.  If you go for the most affordable one, you might not get the kind of deep-cleaning that you want.

If you have a limited budget, then you can choose the kind of service that you want done.  There are things that you can do yourself then there are those that are best left to the professionals.