Smart Home Gadgets That Make Home Cleaning Easier and More Efficient

January 5, 2022 0 Comments

Home cleaning is necessary to help keep your family healthy and germ-free.   But trivial as this task may be, some just don’t find it easy and fun to do.  Sometimes you have to beg other members of the family to help because you can’t seem to do everything yourself.

Professional cleaning services may be accessible and available but can also drain your pockets.  Charges can go on a per hour, per cleaner, per square feet of space, basis.  

But in this day and age where technology plays a big part in our daily activities, home cleaning was already made easy.  That’s a big thank you to smart home cleaning gadgets that can help you clean your home as you command.  It’s like you having several assistants to ensure that all essential cleaning tasks are done even while you are away or need to focus on more important tasks.

Here are some of the smart home cleaning gadgets developed by different tech companies:

Robot Floor Vacuum

Home Tech companies have developed different types of robot vacuums to fit your cleaning needs.  Depending on the degree of sophistication that your robot vacuum does, there is a robot vacuum for everyone.

The latest models of robot floor vacuums come with a layout memory so cleaning is more efficient.  It can detect walls and will slow-down once it gets near.  It can also dump the vacuumed dirt in a designated receptacle.  And, after it’s done or needs time to recharge, it can find its own way back to its charging station.  Smart, right?

Then, there are those with Wi-Fi connectivity that you can program and control from an app.  Even if you are out working or doing errands, you can expect to come back to a spotless and clean home.  Or, you can even determine its cleaning schedule and it goes right through it even without you reminding it.

Robot Floor Mop

Are you worrying if you have all the time to mop all the floors of your home with all the other cleaning tasks?  You might want to check out different models of robot floor mops.  This technology-based gadget comes with scrubbing pads that differ in material depending on the type of floor that needs mopping.

Know first which pad to attach to the robot mop corresponding to the type of floor that it will clean.  The robot mop will automatically choose the correct cleaning option – wet mopping, damp sweeping and dry sweeping.

What makes other models even smarter is that prior to spraying, it checks its surroundings for furniture and walls that shouldn’t be sprayed on.

High-end models also have Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you control, schedule the cleaning time and customize cleaning options through an app in your smartphone.  Some are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.  Much like the robot vacuum, it can navigate the area with ease and can find its way back to the charging station for recharging and resumes once recharged, if the work was not done yet.

Electric Scrubber

This may need to be operated with manual effort but surely it can cut your scrubbing time in heaps.  Think of it as a bigger version of your electric toothbrush which you can use to scrub appliances and other surfaces.  

The manual effort being exerted here is not on the scrubbing part, rather, on guiding the gadget where it should go, making cleaning and scrubbing easier and faster to do.

Other models come with multiple brush heads to use for a variety of surfaces.  It is almost universal as you can use it on countertops, stovetops and even kitchen and bathroom tiles.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers made it to the list of smart home cleaning gadgets.  This is based on the fact that it cleans the air indoors and improves its quality.  If you do not know how air purifiers work, they suck in air that moves through layers of filter that capture pollutants and other particles.  The clean air then is pushed back into the home.

There are no therapeutic claims, though that they indeed help improve the health of the family and lessen allergy and asthma attacks.  But there are those that come with a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter that is seen as good in capturing fine airborne pollutants and particles.

Self-cleaning Litter Box and Dog Potty

Do you have pets at home?  Cleaning after them can be such a hassle and pain.  If you have a cat, a self-cleaning litter box can do the dirty job for you.  The smart litter box automatically separates the clean litter from the waste that will be dropped into a carbon-filtered drawer.  

For dogs, there are self-cleaning dog potties available for you to use.  It comes with a highly absorbent pad that soaks liquid and dries out solid dump.  And, a timer is set that automatically advances and replaces pad.  The wastes are then wrapped and sealed for easy and sanitary disposal.  

The use of these gadgets can keep your homes odor-free even with having your pets inside your home.  But, while these are available, you have to do your part in training your pets to use the gadgets when they need to go for a dump.

Go Smart or Go Regular?

There are more smart home cleaning gadgets being developed day by day by tech companies.  Always the aim is to make the lives of the users better and easier.  Technology also helps divert the focus of the people to more important matters of significant impact.

The question here is, is it a smart investment to go smart?  To build a smart home will entail a fairly large capital as these gadgets are not priced on the cheap side of the range.  For the cleaning process, you have to take into consideration the cost, the time, the efficiency and quality of the cleaning in the equation. Is it worth investing?  If you feel that it’s too much, there’s nothing wrong with going regular.  But if you think that it will help you a great deal if you invest in smart home cleaning gadgets, then we hope this list can help you start.