Getting Your Home Ready For The Autumn Season

January 6, 2022 0 Comments

The autumn or fall season marks the transition from the heat of summer to the cold and freezing season of winter. You will see the autumn foliage of various shades of yellow, orange, crimson, purple or brown. Birds are migrating somewhere else in flocks. The wind also gets chilly and crisp especially in the morning. The weather is somewhat damp. You are getting yourself ready for this season that’s often tagged as the favorite among the other seasons.

While you are thinking of how you can best prepare yourself for autumn, you must also remember that your home also needs to be prepared for this season. There is a stark contrast between the summer and fall – from the clothes to wear, the tools to have at arm’s reach, the activities to do and many others.

To help you get your home autumn – ready and yourself safe and snug indoors, we gathered these tips that we hope you will do:

1. Check and clean your fireplace and chimney

As the chilly climate envelopes the whole town, you would definitely want to stay indoors, light up the fireplace while drinking hot chocolate or coffee. Your family will be using the fireplace more often during this season. Unless you want your home to smell like soot, smoke and fire, you better get your fireplace and chimney cleaned and cleared.

2. Start piling firewood

Like what was said in number 1 above, you would be using your fireplace more often this season. It’s best then to store firewood, stock up for more so that there will no chance of spending cold nights just because you ran out of wood to light up your fireplace. You can start a wood pile outside your house or designate a space for your firewood stock.

3. Check smoke detectors or carbon monoxide devices

Still with reference to the first two items above, lighting up the fireplace can still pose a risk of fire. And, if the frequency of use increases, the risk of fire also expands. It is therefore a practical precautionary measure to ensure that your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices work properly so you can be safe.

4. Draft-proof your windows and doors

Little cracks or gaps can be a way for drafts or cold air and moisture to get into your home. This situation can be a threat to your heating bill. Aside from that, small insects, bugs or other organisms that are looking for a way out of the cold can get into your home through those gaps. You can get them professionally done. Or, if your budget is tight, you can DIY by using weather strips, foam tapes, window films or installing insulated curtains.

5. Check and clean the roof and gutters

Fall can also mean torrential rains. To prepare for a possible downpour, you have to inspect your roof to see if there are any damaged roof tiles and seal any visible cracks. While you are up in your roof, check the gutters. It might be full of leaves and other debris that can get it clogged.

If your gutters are clogged, water will then flow down via the sides of your home which can cause damage to your home exterior or can even flood your basement. You can get the leaves out of the gutter by hand or if you have a leaf blower, you can use that as well.

6. Have your HVAC inspected and serviced

Now that your AC has done its job for the year, it’s time to turn the heater on. But before you do that, see to it that you clean the coils. Then get your outside unit safe from damage from debris, ice and other elements, with a protective cover. Change the filter of your HVAC system and clean air ducts, as you program your thermostat to heating. It will also help if you have a programmable thermostat ready so you can set the temperatures to drop automatically especially when you are not inside your home. This can afford you savings on your utility bills.

7. Get your emergency generator ready

Another thing that you can expect in autumn is power outage. Though this may not be a common experience for every household but if you live in an area where power outages are common during autumn, then it’s necessary to have your emergency generator ready and check if it is working properly. If you don’t have a unit yet, it might be the right time to buy one.

8. Apply lawn fertilizer

The fall and winter can be harsh to your plants and your lawn in general. Lawn fertilizer can help it and other plants withstand the winter frost and other possible damage that the winter can cause. It will help induce growth of new grass and roots, before the colder winter sets in. This will also help your lawn grow green faster when spring comes.

9. Prepare your fall and winter toolbox or shed

Certainly you will be using more tools during the autumn season and into the winter. For autumn or fall, you will be using the leaf blower, rake, gardening tools and broom. For winter, you will be using snow shovel, snow blower and ice scraper. The tools will be used more frequently, if not every day. It is then practical to have them stored in a place where they are easily accessible. You wouldn’t want to waste your time rummaging through your garage or other stock room for these tools.

Are you now ready for autumn?

We hope that the above tips can help you get yourself, your family and your home prepared as the fall season starts. Change your beddings into the more comfortable ones. Gather in front of the fireplace and light it up for warmth. Get your homes as cozy as it can get for you will be spending more time indoors with your family during fall.