Different Storage Solutions to Help You Organize Your Home

January 6, 2022 0 Comments

A home of several members will have to deal with a lot of stuff. Each member of the household each has his own things. There are also things and tools that are commonly used by all members. If you do not have a storage system in place, then expect your home to be in complete disarray. More time will be spent looking for things when they are needed.

Sometimes, you wouldn’t even remember having a certain thing then you go and purchase another of that same thing. In the end, you realize that you have more stuff that you don’t really need. You also have stuff that you do need and have but you can’t remember where you put them.

The only way that you can avoid this scenario is if you, making it a part of your routine in cleaning your home, organize things inside your homes. You can go ahead and hire a professional organizer but did you know that it may not be necessary? There are storage solutions available for you so you can do the
organizing yourself and maximize the space you have at home.

Storage Solutions
Organizing your home is not only to keep it clean and tidy. It will save you time especially in looking for those things that you need. It will also help you save on expenses when you wouldn’t have to do a repeat purchase of something because you know immediately if you have that on hand.

It also helps you free up your mind especially when you see that everything is in order. As you save on time and expenses, you would then shift your focus on more important things thus making you productive.

To help you in that aspect we have gathered a list of storage solutions to help you start organizing your homes.

1. Drawer Divider

As it name states, it divides the space in your drawer so you can categorize and sort your things into the sections that the divider creates. It is then easier for you to look for something as you can zero in on the section devoted to that item.

2. Kitchen Utensil Tray

Much like the drawer divider, the kitchen utensil tray also serves the same purpose, to keep similar items in one section and so on. What’s unique about the kitchen utensil tray is that the sections are sized differently to accommodate items of different items. This will also come in handy not just inside your kitchen drawers but also in your office desks to hold pens, rulers, markers, scissors and everything else.

3. Hooks
Be it plastic, metal or others, hooks can be a real space-saver. You can just screw or stick them on your walls, cabinets, doors, so you can hang the stuff you intend to hang in those dedicated areas.

4. Pegboards
This is a board with equally spaced perforations to which you can screw in hooks for storage of tools or items. You can usually see this in the garage or tool shed. Other craft enthusiasts also use pegboards to organize their craft supplies and materials. The pegboard is mounted on the wall, allowing you to see in a better perspective, and at one time, the tools that you have. You can then easily see which tool that you need.

5. Corkboards
This board is made of compressed granulated cork commonly used as bulletin board onto which notices and announcements are pinned. You can use this at home to pin your notes on – schedule, grocery list, bills. It’s easier to see too instead of just leaving your notes on the kitchen counter or any table top.

6. File Organizer
You might think that you can only use the file organizer in your home office or desk to store your documents. But did you know that with a little ingenuity, you can actually use this around the house – in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. You can use this to tidy up your trays, chopping boards, baking pans, pot lids. You can also use this to keep your make-up palettes, paper shopping bags and other
things arranged orderly.

7. Tension Rods
Yes, these rods do more than just hold your shower curtains up. You can use them to hang stuff inside cabinets, maximizing vertical space. You may have seen very organized homes with tension rods installed under the sink to hang the spray cleaners. Or, it was used to organize rolls of tapes and other craft supplies. You can practically hang different stuff on tension rods using S-hooks.

8. Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizers
Have you seen those hanging organizers with several pockets? They were meant for shoes but you can use them for other stuff as well. You can use them to store your cleaning supplies, make-up, hair tools, toys, pantry items, electronic wires and everything else that need small compartments for storage.

9. Glass jars and containers
Maybe you’re having second thoughts about using glass jars and containers especially if you have kids at home. But you can put them in cabinets that are not easily accessible to children. You can use glass jars for your food products that you store in your pantry like nuts, herbs, spices, pasta, cereals and others.

You can use them time and again as they don’t lose their durability and do not affect the quality of food stored inside.

10. Turntable
This is a storage solution that is used in cabinets to allow you easy access to the items inside them. You would not need to worry about not being able to easily get the stuff that you need from the inside. Just one turn and you can get it without having to clear all the other items just so you can reach at the back.

Be a smart space-saver
The above lists only some of the storage solutions that can help you when organizing your homes. There are more available in stores, available online. The thing here is you should be one who’s willing to invest in smart storage solutions. This will benefit you in a lot of ways – better physical health, better mental state, savings on time and cost. You might not feel it right away but you will in the long run.