Clean Shoes, Good Personality

January 6, 2022 0 Comments

More often than not, when we look at a person for the first time, we scan from head to toe. What people don’t notice is that, when we see someone with dirty shoes, the judgement we give is something negative.

Now we ask the question, why is it important to keep our shoes clean? One answer could be, it’s one way to show someone’s personality. We could tell if a person is neat or not just by looking at his/her shoes. It now makes us think, how often do we need to clean our shoes?

There really isn’t an exact answer to that question. We can simply clean it whenever we feel like it, or when we think it’s time for cleaning. Some shoe collectors even buy cleaners just to make sure that their shoes are always good as new.

Some others put their shoes in certain bags to make sure that their shoes are safe from dust, mites, and etc. Let’s look into what the Tiger Effects company has to offer.

The Tiger Effects company aims to provide their clients with quality products and services. They offer shoe covers both for indoor and outdoor use. You can also personalize the logos on the shoe cover itself. It could be a great gift to people who enjoy hiking for instance.

Isn’t it nice that you get worry free when you do outdoor activities even if it just rained? This is now possible through the Tiger Effects outdoor shoe covers.

Keeping our shoes clean could show that we are good people. Footwear is part of our lives. We use this on a daily basis. Moreover, we should be responsible enough to make sure that we go to work or school with clean shoes.

One way to keep out shoes clean is by putting on shoe shine especially to our leather shoes. This is highly applicable to students and workers who are required to use leather shoes. Nowadays, there are different types of shoe shine with different applicators to make sure we can clean our shoes even when we’re on the go.

Let’s say that cleaning our shoes is somehow similar to taking a bath. Every day, before we leave our houses, we make sure that we smell nice and look nice to feel good and energized. Who would want to walk by someone who hasn’t showered for days?

The same way goes with our shoes. There’s this certain feeling that wearing clean shoes could give. It can make us feel satisfied or it could boost our confidence because we are definitely ready to face the day. We are sure that our clients would trust us with the services we provide because we look good and presentable from head to toe.

Some people tend to neglect the importance of wearing clean shoes every day. Ladies, one part of our neatness is contributed by how clean our shoes are. The same thing goes for gentlemen.

Let’s talk about another way in keeping our shoes clean. The way we store our shoes could give an impact. Our shoes get dirty not just because we use it daily, but also because of where and how we store them. Make sure that your shoe storage is also clean. There are different cleaning agents available in the market now that specialize on different types of shoe material. This could keep our shoes from chipping off, having molds, and the like.

It is true that these cleaning agents may cost us quite a lot and that is why a number of natural ways to clean our shoes are now available in the internet. If you do your research in different platforms such as Google, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, or in other social media platforms, you can definitely find different DIY (Do-It-Yourself) methods to clean your shoes.

You can also find ways to keep your shoes protected from stains. For instance, you can scrub a candle on your shoes and blow dry your shoes. The candle wax will keep your shoes water-proof and stain-proof.

Some may ask, is it really necessary to do all these? Well, it is. It shows us that we are responsible enough that we also take care of our shoes and not just our own selves. It’s just like wearing clean clothes every day. It should be a part of our human nature to clean our shoes as often as possible.

There’s no need to buy expensive cleaning agents and it is no longer an excuse. There are ingredients that are available right in our kitchen if we simply do our research. Through this, we do not just protect ourselves from harmful chemicals, but we also protect our shoes.

We can give time to our gadgets, and shopping, but we tend to neglect our shoes. If we can give time to clean our bags, our clothes, and our houses, shouldn’t we also give time to clean our shoes too?

One other way to keep our shoes clean and protected is to use one of Tiger Effects’ shoe covers. That way, we can just keep cleaning the shoe cover and prevent our shoes from being damaged.

Another is to keep our shoes from direct sunlight. The harmful rays of the sun do not only damage us humans, but it could also damage our bags, clothes, shoes, and other things we have especially those that are made from delicate materials.

Let’s now be more cautious in the way we use our things. Let’s not take advantage of the protection they provide us, but let’s also protect them. Remember, they are also part of our bodies. If we take care of ourselves, we should also give time to take care of our things. By doing so, we could also maximize the life span of our shoes and other things. We need not to buy shoes that often because by protecting them and taking good care of them, we prolong the protection it provides us. Let’s not forget that keeping our shoes clean also makes us good people.