Types of Carpet Stains and How to Remove Them

January 6, 2022 0 Comments

The most popular décor that your home can have is a carpet.  And, almost always carpeting is installed in a home for several reasons than one.  It provides insulation that can help you reduce your energy bills. It also keeps your children safe when they fall as it provides a certain amount of cushion rather than them falling on hard tiles.   

But simply put, it can improve the overall look of your home.   So stains can ruin the look of your carpet.   

Here are the top types of stains that can ruin the look of your carpet:  

  1. Mud &  Dirt 

It can come from basically anyone that comes into your home.  All the messier it gets during rainy periods.  Moving new furniture into your home?  Mud and dirt can come from the shoes of the movers.  If they are the type that does not wear shoe covers, then they can bring mud and dirt all over your carpet. 

  1. Liquid 

If parties are a common thing in your home, you can expect a liquid stain or two in your carpet.  It can be in the form of wine, juice, coffee, tea and other types of liquid.  If they are water-soluble stains such as soda, juice and wine, then they are the easiest to remove and clean.  But if not cleaned immediately then it can get harder to remove.    

  1. Food 

Along with the liquid stains, food stains can also be expected when you host several gatherings in your home.  Sauce, gravy and other fat and oil-based stains can ruin the look of your carpet if not immediately cleaned.  Removing this type of stain can get very difficult.  It is a must then to clean it ASAP and not leave it to dry.  

  1. Pet stains 

Your home can be a home to dogs or cats and whatever pet one can have.  If you have a pet living inside your home, then your carpet is prone to getting pet stains – urine, drool and poop.  Even if you have a well-trained pet, they still can discharge fluids that can stain your carpet.  Not only can it cause stains, it can also leave an odor that can fill your home and may not be welcoming for your guests.  

  1. Blood 

While not always a common sight, blood can cause a major stain in your carpet.  It’s not also easy to remove and might require a different kind of cleaning especially when left to dry. 

How To Clean Carpet Stains   

If you do not have the resources yet to have your carpet professionally cleaned, then you can do the following basic steps to remove carpet stains: 

1.Remove excess dirt or stain as soon as possible 

Do not even try to scrub off the stain from your carpet. Scrubbing can cause damage to the fibers that will, instead of removing the stain can ruin your carpet further.  Instead, you can remove excess dirt or stain by blotting the spot on your carpet with a cloth.  Do this repeatedly until the cloth can no longer pick up any stain. Thus, it will help if you use a white cloth so you will know that you have removed all excess dirt or liquid.  When blotting, work from the edges of the spot where the stain is located, going into the center.  This will prevent the stain from spreading. 

 If dirt or stain has already dried up, you can gently scrape the excess with a stick, a blunt knife or a spoon.  Then blot the excess with a small amount of water to try to lift the stain out.  

 2.Apply a carpet stain remover to the affected area 

There are cleaning solutions available in most stores with some developed for a particular kind of stain.  Some also contain substances that can actually cause damage to your carpet or you may be allergic to the smell of.  If you are this type then you might want to consider using a natural, home-made solution of vinegar, warm water and mild dishwashing liquid.  

Spray or blot on the spot just an exact amount of the carpet stain remover and try not to drown the stain.  Let this sit for a few minutes or no longer than what is instructed on the bottle of your cleaning solution.  This is to allow it to work on softening the stain and thus, be easier to remove. 

 3.Blot the area with a cloth or paper towel  

After letting the carpet stain remover sit for a few minutes on the affected area, blot it with a cloth or paper towel to remove the stain.  If the stain is still there even after blotting, repeat step no. 2 above by spraying another round of carpet stain remover.  Let it again sit for a few minutes then blot away until the stain is no longer there after you do. 

 4.Pat with a damp cloth then dry cloth  

When you can see that the stain is already coming off, you can pat the spot with a cloth dampened in warm water.  This is to rinse the remaining cleaning solution from your carpet.  After doing so, you can then pat the area with a dry cloth. 

 5.Vacuum the spot 

To cap off your carpet stain removing session, vacuum the spot to straighten the carpet fibers and make it as good as new.  Vacuuming the area will also prevent any remaining stain to come up and be visible.