The Best Uses of Your Basement at Home

January 5, 2022 0 Comments

Your basement may just be a waste of space to you. This is understandable if your basement is nothing more than just where your service panel or fuse box is located. Others don’t like the idea of having a room below your house as that’s where most of the horror stories start.

But, did you know that your basement can add value to your home? If you know what to do with it, you can unlock its maximum potential.

What could possibly be a good use for your basement, you might ask?

Here are some of the best uses of your basement that can make you take a deeper look on this somewhat ignored space.

Family Room

You probably would think that you already have the living room for this purpose. But the living room is more of a reception area where you receive guests. It is more formal and organized especially since you have most of your home decors placed there for everyone to see. These could be heirlooms or artworks and such.

A family room, on the other hand, is more of a relaxing space where everyone can hang-out, adults and kids alike. You can add a TV and furniture that exudes a laid back atmosphere.

Your basement then can be the perfect area for your family room. It is quite isolated from all of the other rooms in the house giving the family a more exclusive bonding session.

Home Theatre

Want to add more resale value to your home? Try to convert your basement into your own home theatre. It seems to be the perfect space for all the essentials of a home theatre. Most importantly, your basement serves right when it comes to lights and sounds which are the major aspects to a good home theatre. It is isolated, a bit dark, has a natural sound proofing.

You can get a projector screen, add in theatre seats and you can even put a popcorn machine just to give out that theatre vibe.

Game Room

To be more inviting to the family, you can make your basement into your game room or recreational room where all the fun games with the family can take place. You can let in a pool table or a table tennis. Then, put up dart boards and such. Or, if you’re going for an old-fashioned game room vibe, then you can install those arcade type game consoles.

If you are the modern gamer though or you tolerate the gaming passion of some members of the family, you can install a good gaming PC set-up complete with the gaming chairs. The basement is perfect for this too as you would need a dimmer and silent area to help you focus on the game.

Home Bar

If you are one of those who regularly hosts wine nights, then creating a home bar in your basement can be a very good idea. There are ready-to-install bar modules available in the market. It wouldn’t be too difficult then to convert your basement into a bar. You also have to ensure that the plumbing is ready and can work efficiently. Remember, you will need a kitchen sink for when you will prepare cocktails or simply to take care and wash the glasses

Storage Room

You would find the basement as a potential storage space and what a space that would be! You can put in steel shelves that you can place side by side. A bit of organizing must be done too so your storage room will not turn out to be another trash bin of old stuff. You can also make use of plastic bins and organizers so they can be neatly arranged and stacked on the shelves.

Home Office

Most work-from-home individuals find it a struggle to separate their work space from their living space. It is true that one’s productivity increases when the environment or ambiance of the space he’s working on is not the same as the space he’s “living” in. The basement then will be a good location because of its being isolated from other rooms of your home. Also, it is more quiet there too which makes it more conducive to work in especially when you do have to make calls or communicate virtually.

Guest Room or Bedroom

Do you sometimes have guests who will be staying overnight? Or, your relatives might have come for a vacation and asked if they could stay with you. If you don’t have a guest room, you usually have one of your kids vacate their rooms temporarily to accommodate your guests.

Well, if your basement is just sitting there without anything going on in it, you might as well convert it into a guest room or another bedroom. In this way, you can accommodate guests without displacing any member of the family.

Recording Studio

Are you a vlogger or a singer? Your basement can be a good space for you to create your own recording studio. Here, you can do your content, either to write or to record it on video. You can write your songs here if that’s what you are currently doing and produce playlists and albums.

Unleash the Potential

There is more that what you imagine you can get out of your basement. If this was remodeled and made as an integral part of your home, you can already expect the value to improve.

Knowing what to do with the basement is the very first step. Next would be the preparation. You have to check on the electrical and plumbing. You can add tile flooring then update the walls.

When you do all the preparation and make your basement functional, you are also unleashing its potential use. So, if you still haven’t done much work on your basement, consider the above suggestions.