Household Items That Can Pollute The Air In Your Home

January 5, 2022 0 Comments

The smog and smoke that we see outside makes us think that there is a wide-spread air pollution. And, in our effort to avoid it, we sometimes choose to stay inside our homes. But do you really think that you have stayed clear out of pollution’s way?

You most probably would think that the home is the safest place for you especially when you are suffering from respiratory diseases. But the air pollution inside your home can exceed the level outside. And, why is this so? There are household items or products that can actually pollute the air in your home.

Let’s take a look at what these are so you can check if the air you’re breathing indoors is not polluted.

1. Cleaning Solutions

Just because their primary role is to clean surfaces, items and other areas in your home, doesn’t mean that they are free from harmful substances. As you clean, they can emit these toxic pollutants in the air. So while you think that your house smells very clean, you should probably think twice.

To prevent this from happening, you can go for the all-natural cleaning solutions such as baking soda, vinegar and others.

2. Candles

As part of your self-care routine, you most probably have included lighting up scented candles. You do this to stimulate your senses and to create a different kind of vibe in your room. But before you think of doing this as a nightly routine, you might need to know a few warnings.

Candles can emit fine particles that pollute the air when lit. And, if you go for the stronger scented ones, you might get exposed to the harmful formaldehyde. But there are options to try like using beeswax instead of candles.

3. Air Freshener

Nothing beats the smell of synthetic air fresheners. They also come in different scents from lemon, lavender, jasmine, rain, mountain breeze and so much more. You would want your home to smell fresh and inviting. Thus, sometimes you are not satisfied with just a couple of spritz.

But air fresheners, no matter how fresh the indoor air would smell like, it could be so polluted because of the harmful substances present in air fresheners. The experts’ advice is to open a window for proper air circulation and run a fan.

4. Wood Fireplaces

During winter, you would want to cozy up in your home and light up the fireplace. If you are lighting up a wood-burning fireplace then you’re at risk of breathing polluted air. As the wood burns, high levels of carbon monoxide can be emitted to the air. Not only that, when you clean up the soot or ashes from the burnt wood, you can also be in danger of inhaling polluted air.

5. Paint

You probably have renovated your home or a room in your home and have stored a can or several more of leftover paint. The longer you store them, the higher the risk of exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in the air. Your garage could be your storehouse for leftover paints and with little ventilation the compounds can get stuck in the air that’s circulating inside your garage.

6. Aerosol Spray

Much like paint, aerosol sprays also contain a lot of VOCs. Every spray you do can release these VOC particles to the air in your home. The worst part is when you use aerosol spray, you do not only pollute the air inside your home, you also contribute to the pollution outside.

7. Flowers

Having flowers inside your home can add aesthetics and beauty. It is true that the visual party that flowers give out adds color into a home. They may not be too safe though as there are flowers that release allergens into the air. So, if you are suffering from allergies ever so often, then sprucing your home with flowers may not be a very good idea.

8. Gas Stoves

If cooking is your thing and you just love to hang out in your kitchen, be warned that some gas stoves emit nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Extended exposure to these gases can cause respiratory diseases and other lung problems.

9. Perfume

Before you walk out of the house to go to work, do a grocery run or go on a date night, a spritz of perfume is often seen as a necessity. Sometimes a single spray will not do you good. So, you spray on different parts of the body to be sure you’ve got everything covered. Well, for every spray you do, you are polluting the air around you. They also have VOCs that compromise the indoor air quality when released.

10. Tobacco smoke

It is not anymore a question as to why tobacco smoke pollutes the air. It just does. While it can be bad for the smoker, it can also pose a big risk to the other members of the family who do not smoke. Studies have shown that second hand tobacco smoke is dangerous to one’s health. They can cause damage to the lungs when inhaled and oftentimes the damage is irreparable. So if you do need to smoke, do it outside.

Quality Air Indoors

Our homes should be a safe haven or a refuge from the harsh elements that hound us outside. You for one, do everything from securing the house and keeping it clean to make the home a safe one for the family. As part of this endeavor, you have to aim to allow your family to breathe in good air quality. Is it possible to get the air quality that you need for your health? It is a resounding yes. You can consult experts to find out the quality of air circulating in your homes and what could be the best way to improve it.

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