Home Items That Need Daily Cleaning

January 5, 2022 0 Comments

Cleaning your home can be a very daunting task especially if you don’t have the luxury of time. Then, you get the advice that you don’t need to clean everything everyday. It really is a relief hearing that. Does that mean you can skip days in cleaning? Or maybe do a weekly cleaning routine instead? It could be interpreted in so many ways. But the core idea will always be, keep your homes clean.

While it is true that you don’t need to clean everything everyday, it also means that there are some things that you need to. It is important that you know what these things are so you will stick to the core idea of keeping your homes clean.

These are some of the things in your home that need daily cleaning:

The Bed

A Navy Seal admiral once said that if you want to change the world, you must start by making your bed. He is right about it in all aspects. You see, it maybe a simple task but doing it as he said, can give you a sense of pride that you have accomplished your first task of the day. It will also motivate you to keep your space and home in order. And, at the end of the day, you will be welcomed by a clean, made-up bed that will send you off to a good slumber.

Dirty Dishes, Pots and Pans

Your excuse for not immediately washing dirty dishes, pots and pans could be that you are in a rush or you are too tired to do them. You must remember that what soiled the dishes are food remains – talk about morsels, sauces and other food stuff. When these are left unwashed for just several hours, expect the bugs to march to them and the bacteria to breed and grow. You’re grossed out just thinking about it, right?

It doesn’t need a heavy effort to do your dirty dishes. Rinse them immediately and load them in the dishwasher. If you don’t have one, wash them by hand. It’s just a little effort for safety.

Dish Sponge

Following the concept of dirty dishes, it also is a must to clean your dish sponges daily. Just imagine what you’ve been cleaning with them. Even if you dump them in soap, they are still susceptible to bacteria growth. Soap doesn’t make your dish sponge self-cleaning. Wash them with soap and let them dry.

Kitchen Counters

Food preparation is often done in kitchen counters. Your ingredients would have involved meat, vegetables and liquids. Your kitchen counters then could be a catchment of spills, meat particles, ooze from vegetables and meat. If you don’t wipe them off from your kitchen counter, bacteria can grow. Wipe them with towels or sponges soaked in dishwashing soap and finish it off with a disinfectant.

Kitchen Hand Towels

Your hand towels can be the most battered and most used item in the kitchen. They are used to wipe the counters, wipe spills, dry dishes, wipe wet hands. Each surface has their own bacteria and dirt. In a day, your hand towels could have collected hundreds of bacteria. If left unwashed for days, then the bacteria would have developed into millions. You wouldn’t want to pass them on to the dishes you have to dry the next day. Wash them daily and air them out to dry.

Kitchen and Bathroom Sink

This will hold true to all the sinks in your home. Just because you run water and use soap in it doesn’t make your sink clean. There could be grime from the items you washed in the sink that did not drain. Wipe down the sink basin, clean the sink trap if it goes with one, and wipe the counters surrounding the sink. Disinfect it too after washing.

Coffee Maker

It is a must for the majority to have their caffeine fix in the morning. So, it is a regular scenario that a coffee maker is running. But in our rush to work, we just leave the coffee maker unwashed. You might think that hot water ran through it thus, killing any bacteria. You will observe though that there will be mold growth especially in the coffee reservoir where you left damp ground coffee. Take the used coffee grounds out and wash the carafe.


Your phone is your handy-dandy companion that you can’t keep away from you. You have held it, talked through it, texted with it, kept it in your pocket, placed it on a table or on whatever surface. They are as mobile as they can be and thus run the risk of germ exposure. In these times where diseases can be transmitted through every means possible, you have to be vigilant. You can simply wipe your phone with alcohol or any sanitizing wipes. Others have acquired UV sanitizer for phones just to be safe. That’s how much phones can be a breeding ground of bacteria and viruses.

Water Bottle

What could mislead you into believing that water bottles can’t get dirty is the fact that it handles water. But that doesn’t make them bacteria-proof. Your mouth could be carrying bacteria that you can transfer on to your water bottle. Wash it as you would your glasses and cups, with a dishwashing soap. Or load it along with the other dishes in your dishwasher.