15 Steps to Clean your Bedroom Fast And Easily

January 6, 2022 0 Comments

It has been said sometimes that sleep is a luxury for the working man.If you are one, then you would of course want a deep, long rest every chance you get. One way to ensure that you can get just that is to keep your bedroom clean.You look around and you see clothes all over the floor,dust covering your bedroom furniture, things in disarray and whatnot. Just thinking about it already wore you out. Deep-cleaning your bedroom does seem like a daunting task. But, with the benefits that you can gain,you would not even think twice not doing it. Hiring a professional cleaning service can bean option but, do you really have to?So to help you get started, we gathered these simple steps to deep clean your bedroom.

1.Strip your bed

Take everything off your bed–sheets, blankets, comforters, duvets, pillowcases. You can lay aflat sheet though to protect your bed from all the dusting that you will be doing. And, it will become your working space where you can put all your stuff that needs sorting through.

2.Throw the linens to the washer

After stripping them off your bed, throw the linens to the washer and set the timer. Doing these ahead of the other steps can save you time, as you are allowed to do other things simultaneously.If you have curtains, take them down and get them ready for the next load.

3.Get all your cleaning tools, solutions and agents ready

By this we mean,a pail of soapy water, rags, vacuum cleaner, furniture polish, glass cleaner,duster and all other tools you believe you need.It’s best that they’re already in the room so you’ll get right on it when it’s time to use them.

4.Wipe the surfaces and walls

With a pail of water and rag, you can now go on and wash down the walls, window sills and those other dusty surfaces that need wiping. For your wooden furniture, you can use a wood polish or other polishing agent. For glass surfaces such as your window,use a glass cleaner.It would be a good thing if you have everything ready and not to go and find the right cleaning tool or solution when you already need it.

6.Sort through your stuff

Remember those things you laid out on your bed?Sort through them and decide which ones shall stay and which ones shall be discarded or donated. Pull off that inner Mari Kondo and decide to keep only those that “spark joy”. Put back those you decided to keep in the closet,dressers or the place that they belong to. For those that you have decided to discard or donate,put them in trash bags or boxes.

7.Organize your storage units

The closet, dressers, desks, bedside tables and cabinets are your storage units. While it can hold tons of your stuff, if cluttered or disorganized, you would still have a difficult time finding the things that you need. For your closet, you can organize your clothes in a certain way that will be efficient for you to choose or get the clothes that you need to wear. Same thing as in your desk,especially office supplies such as paper clips, staple wires, post-it notes, pens-you can organize them into boxes where all of the same kind,go together.

8.File documents & store books

No matter how much we want to go paperless, there are files that you need a printed copy of.These could be legal documents or proposals that you are studying. Keep them organized in files so it would be easier to access when time comes that you need them. Only let out the books that you are currently reading and store the others in the book shelf.For magazines, you can discard or store away old issue.

9.Dust the remaining stuff and furniture

Continue to dust the other small items and stuff that you will be storing in closets or placed on your desks, with a damp rag.This is to ensure that they are dust and dirt free before you store them or put them out as room décor.

10.Move furniture and scour the floor for small items

If you are thinking of re-arranging the layout of your room, this would be the time to do it. As you move your furniture around, get the small items from under them. Also, make sure that your room layout will provide the most efficient flow and a pleasant ambiance to you as the room owner.

11.Vacuum the bedroom floors

To really get the dust off your floors, get the vacuum running. You can also use the vacuum with a tool that can access hard-to-reach corners so all areas are covered and hopefully all dust are vacuumed.

12.Replace the bed linens and curtains

Almost at the tail-end of your deep cleaning session it’s now time to prepare your space for slumber. You can use new ones for a new look or, you can put back the linens that you washed earlier. They could have already been dry by this time.

13.Open the windows and let the air and light in.

Well, unless you live in a house facing a very busy street, it is always a treat to open the windows of your room. For a more scientific explanation, an open window will help reduce the carbon dioxide levels and will also improve the ventilation for your room. The air quality then will be better, thus also giving you quality sleep. For an added touch,spray a whiff of fresh scent.

14.Develop a daily cleaning routine 

You don’t have to do a deep cleaning all the time. But the simple task of putting back things where you got them can do you a great deal of help.

15.Enjoy your deep-cleaned room

Breathe in the fresh scent of your room; lay down on your comfortable bed with newly-washed sheets; read a good book; listen to ambient tunes. You deserve this