Pointers to Get the Best From Your Rental Property

May 19, 2022 0 Comments

BLOG BY Megan Cooper

Buying and leasing in Lutz, Fla., is a great investment. If you lease your property, you should know that often small adjustments increase appeal to renters and get you the best price. Certain repairs and the right marketing make a huge difference in the way your rental unit is perceived. Here’s a collection of tips on how to stand out in a competitive market.

Decorate Neutrally

Never decorate your home following the latest fashion. Trends change fast, and dated decor can make the rental less appealing to renters down the road. Neutral color schemes combined with minimalistic design win you more favor. However, you don’t need to make the space boring, and you can add your own flair to make your rental stand out. Pick out a stunning focal point for the room, or add a splash of color with throw cushions or bold artwork, creating a stylish space that no prospective tenant finds overbearing. 

Boost Your Signal

Lutz is full of young professionals, and the single most important thing that needs to work is the Wi-Fi. The internet is used for work, leisure, and operating household objects. If the signal is weak or nonexistent in areas of the house, it damages the appeal to prospective renters.

Tidy the Exterior

You can have the brightest, warmest, and most welcoming home interior in the world, but it means nothing if a shabby exterior is wrapped around it. Make sure the paintwork on the door and exterior walls are up to scratch, the front garden is in good condition, and there’s no debris or rubbish. This is the first impression new tenants will have, so make sure it shines. 

Target Your Audience

You want people to picture themselves in your home, so if you have a target market, decorate for them. Young professionals, families, students — there’s likely one group this property appeals to more than others due to geography and price. 

Highlight Great Features

What’s unique about the space you’re offering? Has it got a charming reading nook, a stunning pool, or a bright conservatory to enjoy the Floridian sunshine? If there are any unusual and appealing rooms or amenities, make sure any advertising features them prominently.

Use Social Media

Ads on social media are inexpensive and customizable. This makes them one of the best options for getting the word out about your property. Use this tool to create Facebook ads and design the perfect custom ad to find the right tenant. You can adjust the color scheme, font, logo, and imaging to reflect your brand.

Hire Management

Consider a property manager. Florida is a great spot to invest in property, but it doesn’t need to be a second job. A property manager has experience in appealing to renters and getting an excellent price. They can advise you on your property and undertake most of the work in design and marketing. 

Make a Plan

Take time to develop the best strategy for your property and ensure that, when it comes to prospective tenants, you’re putting your best foot forward. And keep those feet from scuffing any floors with the ingenious shoe covers available at Tiger Feet, go find your perfect fit today.