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Having a clean workplace is considered as one of the criteria of being in a good and efficient office. Not only does it give you a calm and positive outlook in life, but also increases your productivity by allowing you to move freely around without tripping or disturbing anyone. 

There will also be times when your housekeeping staff is not yet available and your desk is already piling up with papers and trash. Keep your workplace clean by having the initiative to clean up the clutter and let positivity and tidiness rule your career! Here are 10 ways to keep your workplace clean in between professional cleaning services. Have a container for your tools

Whether you are using pens, or hammers or syringes, you have to have a container for these things in your office. They are your weapons for surviving the long day of work and you need to take care of them as much as you take care of yourself. Having a container for your tools or cases to your equipment will help you organize your workplace and minimize the chance of losing them most especially the little ones. It also makes your tools easy to find in your desk and quick to access. Have a trash can nearby

There are times when you are so focused in doing your work and you don’t have time to stand up and throw away the trash in your desk. This is not an excuse to make your workplace untidy. Having a trash can nearby saves you the effort of standing up and throwing away your trash. It also saves the time of finding one especially when you have deadlines to meet. Every time there is trash, put it straight into the trash can and you will feel the difference of having to wait for it to pile up before discarding. Organize your documents

In a functioning office, no matter how they claim that they are paper-less, hard copies of documents still manage to land on your desk. Do not let the papers take over your work place so organize them immediately. Have an office tray to separate the incoming and outgoing documents. For those documents that are very important and/or classified, it is better to keep them on a cabinet for safe keeping. Ergonomics is the key

Ergonomics is one of the most important strategies to consider in an office. It makes the mood of your colleagues light and positive in a very subtle way and it helps your workplace look neat. You can plan out the interior design of your office in a certain way that allows you to access your supplies, documents or anything very easily. Have your documents arranged in alphabetical order and place them neatly on shelves or cabinet compartments with labels on it. You can also keep your personal tools close by so that when you work, you don’t have to stand up and go looking for them. In that way, less trash is produce because of efficiency. Disregard what is not needed.

Humans as we are, we tend to keep things that may not seem to have as much value as we thought. Don’t let your feelings get through you and start evaluating every document or tool that is in your desk if it is really needed or not. If left unattended, it may pile up and you lose the more important ones in the clutter. Have a backup file for the documents that may not be needed right now. Other unimportant things may be thrown straight into the trash bins. Don’t eat at your desk

Despite the constant temptation of eating at your own desk, as much as possible, avoid it! Food is good for the body but not on office tools and documents. Cleaning food stains and residue are harder than you think. They can get on places that are hard to reach which may cause ants or worse, rats to invade your work place. Don’t leave trash and disorder unattended

During busy hours, it is easy to forget small and irrelevant things around our office like small pieces of candy wrappers or papers, for a more significant task. Have the initiative to dispose it before proceeding to your next big task to avoid redundant cleaning around the office. Remember also to return the things you borrowed from your colleague and be sure to return to its original place the things you have disarranged when looking for your past documents. It is the little things that make your office a better place! Stock up on cleaning tools and products

Whenever there is a small cleaning duty arises in the office, it is faster to do it on your own rather than asking for housekeeping staff to do it for you. Therefore, it is valuable to have cleaning products stocked up in your office. As our office is considered our second home where respect and dignity is magnified on things found inside, we should also have responsibility to take care of it especially when we have the opportunity to do so. Post signs around the office

No matter how big our desire is to maintain the cleanliness of our office, we cannot, however, control other people. Posting signs around the office can help remind others to take responsibility on their trash in a non-condescending way. It will also be a helpful reminder to everyone that maintaining the office clean is a team effort. CLAYGO (Clean As You Go)

Finally, as the day ends, do not forget to clean up your desk before you leave. It will not only help your housekeeping staff but also sets your mood for the coming day. Having a clean desk at morning will definitely help you start your day with a positive outlook in life. 

Having a clean office really makes a difference. But when things start to get busy, we cannot help but make a mess out of everything. It is then our duty to make our second home a livable one by not depending highly on others to clean up our own mess.