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When we say we understand our customers, we actually mean it. In fact, this business was designed based on the personal experience of our founder, Bob. When he bought his first home, he was excited and wanted everything to look perfect. He bought all the right furniture and fixtures, and he was looking forward to seeing his home finally come together.

To every homeowner’s horror, it was raining hard on delivery day, so the guys carrying the furniture in ended up tracking mud all over the house. Bob knew it wasn’t their fault, but it didn’t make him feel any better. He spent all day cleaning mud off his newly purchased house.

That’s how he came up with shoe covers.

It’s for all homeowners like him who are worried about muddying their carpets or pristine floors. It’s also perfect for realtors, repair businesses and moving companies – anyone concerned with keeping a property clean and in perfect condition. Actually, these shoe covers are for everyone because nobody likes muddy floors.

Our small, Florida-based business aims to give homeowners the security and peace of mind that no mover or delivery guy will walk into your home and leave a trail of mud behind them. This is also an opportunity for businesses to edge out competitors by showing their clients how much they care and why they’re the more professional option. It’s even good for the environment because our shoe covers are reusable.

We sincerely hope Bob’s story reminds us all – home and business owners alike – how a simple shoe cover can make all the difference.