About Us

Who is Tiger Effects?


We are one of the few companies that promote cleanliness and safety whether to your house or workplace, we are here to provide you with quality merchandise for a fair price. We also support our military especially the veterans as a way of showing gratitude for fighting for our freedom.


Our Story


Have you ever bought something valuable? It’s a great feeling, right? You want to protect and maintain it.


What if it got destroyed because of an unwanted incident?


I know what it feels like!


It all began when I bought my first home. You know, the excitement from buying furniture and moving to the house. It was a great feeling and I wanted everything to be perfect.


To every homeowner’s horror, it was raining hard the night before delivery day, so the guys carrying the furniture ended up tracking mud all over my house. It wasn’t their fault and I understand, but it doesn’t feel good when you spent all day cleaning mud off a newly purchased house.


It was sad and tiring but thanks to the rain and the mud… Tiger Effects happened!


Nobody wants to live in a dirty house just like nobody wants to spend all day cleaning horrible mud.




Who would have thought shoe covers should be part of our lives and make a difference? Basically, we only think of using shoe covers to protect our shoes from stains and getting wet when it rains. In Tiger Effects, we also recommend using shoe covers not only in your house but also in your workplace to maintain cleanliness and to prevent the possibility of spreading the virus and other debris from your shoes.


Our small, Florida-based business aims to give home and workplace the security, Safety and peace of mind that they deserve.


I have spent sometime going overseas to see other countries and witness how they live. It makes me appreciate the things that we have here in the good ol USA like clean drinking water and freedom of speech.


Having these experiences, I’ve decided to make a difference by using my business to help supports military and veterans like my father who fought for our freedom during the Vietnam War.


We’re showing our gratitude by giving a portion of company profits to organizations like the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, Wounded Warrior Project, and participate other fundraising activities.


I hope my story helps you avoid my mistakes and makes you aware that protecting and maintaining your shoes, house, and workplace and making them more safe and helps us give a SALUTE to soldiers who fight for us!