Why You Should Wear Shoe Covers in These Unexpected Places


I’m going to let you in on a little secret: there are way more places where shoe covers can come in handy than just the hospital. In fact, you should be wearing them whenever you’re around dust or anything that could cause an allergy attack if inhaled.

From your office to your car, from school to dining out – anywhere there’s a lot of people who have been walking around with their shoes on is probably not the best place for bare feet! So what are all these unexpected places? Read on and find out!

Unexpected Places to Wear Shoe Covers

Shoe covers aren’t only important for places like hospitals and public bathrooms. They can be used in unexpected locations as well, such as museums, restaurants, salons, and many others.

Let’s discover some of these unexpected places to wears hoe covers in.


Museums often have areas where visitors are encouraged or required to walk. The floors of these areas likely haven’t been washed recently. Uneaten food is commonly dropped on the floor throughout the day, which easily leads to bacteria growing there over time.

If you’re planning on taking any pictures at a museum or photographing an exhibit (many now will charge you for this), it’s also highly likely that you’ll end up dropping your camera onto the dirty floor at some point during your visit too.

While it might seem like there would be little to no dust at a museum, the opposite is often actually true – particularly when it comes to larger pieces. Uneaten food can attract bugs, which will start devouring the walls of the room in search of sustenance. It’s not unheard of for bugs to eventually end up crawling directly into your mouth while you’re viewing an exhibit!

If you’re worried about these things, consider wearing shoe covers in museums where there are signs asking visitors to wear them. Dust can still get onto your shoes even if you have shoe covers on, but that’s okay since they’ll travel outside with you once you leave.


Whether or not your restaurant provides shoe covers upon request (most don’t) should depend on the level of cleanliness maintained there. If your restaurant is one that has just opened up, it’s likely that they haven’t had time to do a thorough cleaning job on their establishment or hire someone to handle the bathrooms. It’s also unlikely that they have staff who are assigned to make sure every inch of the place is spotless.

As for restaurants that aren’t brand new, if you’re worried about safety or hygiene, tell the manager upon arrival and see what he says. If he doesn’t provide shoe covers (or requires them) at the restaurant, it may be in your best interest to go somewhere else.

Daycare Centers

If your daycare center isn’t specifically asking parents not wear shoes around the children, then you should do that yourself.

Daycare centers are a prime location for germs and bacteria to spread. While the staff do their best to clean the facility, children bring in certain types of germs and bacteria that is hard to contain.

When your child’s feet are bare while crawling around, any dust or bacteria on the floor will end up getting rubbed into their skin. As they’re playing in the daycare center, your child is likely to accidentally ingest something dirty – which can lead to diarrhea and other illnesses later on.


Salon employees are constantly walking around on floors that have been touched by dozens of people. In addition, hair dye and other chemicals can be spilled as well as hair falling onto the floor from stools where customers sit.

Add to this the fact that people come from various places and can track in germs and bacteria onto salon floors. If you’re going to a salon for a haircut or manicure, don’t forget to wear shoe covers!

Public Places

Shoe covers aren’t just important when walking through a public bathroom or hospital hallway. They’re especially crucial in places where there’s no such thing as a dedicated cleaning crew or janitor walking around all day with a mop and bucket full of disinfectant! Unexpected places like these include malls, restaurants/bars/cafes, playgrounds and parks, bus stops, and bus interiors.

Basically, it is any public place that sees pedestrian traffic.

If you’re visiting any of these places, it’s best to wear shoe covers to avoid getting dirt or bacteria on your feet. Even if you aren’t seeing anyone actually mopping floors at a mall or restaurant, they very likely have staff who are assigned to clean bathrooms.

Never Get Caught With Unprotected Shoes Again

It’s not just in your home that you’ll need shoe covers. You may be surprised to find out where else these handy little things can come in handy.

If you’re looking for more reasons to wear them, here are some other places we recommend using these protective coverings: office buildings, hospitals, laboratories, kitchens and dining areas, zoos or petting farms with animals on display, public restrooms of any kind, and preschools since you never know what kids might get into!

And finally-and this one will surprise many people-it’s also a good idea to use shoe covers when visiting cemeteries.

Never get caught bare-shoed again by acquainting yourself with these unexpected places. It is in your best interest to wear shoe covers and protect yourself from the germs and bacteria on the floor.