How to Quickly Clean Your Living Room When Expecting Guests

Expecting guests at such short notice and not enough time to prepare? That wouldn’t be too much of a problem if you have just done your deep cleaning. But as you look around your living room where you will welcome your guests, you find too much clutter that could repel presence than welcome it.

The living room is the room where the heaviest traffic is experienced. This is where the family usually stays for a downtime, watching TV while munching on snacks, reading a book or magazine while watching the kids play in front of the TV, playing board games or just bond together. This is also the reception area of the whole house where you entertain guests. And, the best way to welcome guests properly and show them your appreciation for their presence is to receive them in a sparkling clean living room.

But, what if you don’t have much time and the room is all cluttered and dusty? Would it be possible still to clean it as fast? Well, you could, if you follow these simple tips:

1. Focus on the living room

Yes, you have other areas in your house that your guests could go to – dining room and kitchen. Well, guests just don’t barge in those areas without you taking the lead right? So, you delegate the cleaning task for these areas to other members of the household. That’s also a good excuse to teach your kids to be responsible. Get the family to help, after all, one’s guest is a guest of all.

2. Get dishes and glasses to the kitchen

Do you have dish bowls or wine glasses left on the coffee table from the TV time the night before? Gather them and put them in the kitchen. Then, once in the kitchen, it’s the responsibility of the one you assigned the cleaning of the kitchen too. Now, get back to the living room area.

3. Place an empty box and a waste bin in the center of the room

You wouldn’t have time to sort things out more properly so you can streamline your category to “for stowing” and “for throwing”. Those that need to go like empty wrappers or old newspapers you can throw into the waste bin. For other such as toys, clothes, books, other knick knacks that you are not sure where they belong, you stuff them in the empty box. Then, you take these two containers to the garage or other storage areas to keep them out of anyone’s sight. Avoid the temptation to sort them right away. You have a living room to clean quickly before the guests arrive.

4. Wipe then dry

Get two clean cloths, one damp and one dry. Quickly wipe all things – tables, lamps, decors, mirrors, other surfaces with the damp cloth. You get the dust and other obvious dirt out. Then, go through them again with the dry cloth to get the moisture out. That quickly, you will get them looking clean.

5. Rearrange décor or stow

Put your existing décor in an attractive and organized position so they will not add to the room looking all cluttered. If you have lots of books, you can pile them up neatly to make them look like another decorative feature of your living room. For small stuff, you can put them in a nice looking plate or bowl to keep them from being scattered around. If there are other décors that make the room look too cluttered, stow them in the closet or the storage room. Leave it for later to decide where to put them finally.

6. Get the greens in

Do you have potted plants in the porch? Put some in the living room. Not only will it put out a vibe of Mother Nature and make the room looking fresh, it can also help purify the air within the area. Your guests for sure will say they are getting a breath of fresh air.

7. Open the curtains

If your guests come during the day, it’s best to open the curtains to let the natural light in. This will add to a more natural vibe of your living room especially if you have got plants in. It also makes for a light and airy design that makes your living room all the more welcoming to the guests. It’s a preference for most people rather than being welcomed in a room with a somber mood.

8. Vacuum

If you have some time to spare before the guests arrive, do a quick vacuum. You can vacuum the big couch, curtain and the carpet. This is just to be sure that most of the dust is out of the way. You wouldn’t want your guests to be sneezing when they come inside.

9. Spray air freshener

It wouldn’t hurt to spray a bit of air freshener with a light scent. Citrus and lavender are the most common scents being used as air freshener for the home. It’s a good plus too if your air freshener is also a disinfectant spray at the same time. You do not only put a light scent out, you also kill germs and viruses in the air.

10. Don’t forget the powder room

There is a huge probability that guests may ask to use the powder room. Expect that they would, especially if they will stay for quite some time and you offer them coffee or tea. Spray an all-purpose cleaner on the toilet bowl and other surfaces and do a quick wipe-down. It will also add to the freshness if you put new soap and fresh towels out.

Don’t make it hard on yourself

You can exert all your effort to prepare for your guests but don’t sweat it out too much. And, remember that to be a gracious host, your focus must be on the guests and not on how your home would look like to them.