6 Habits That People With Sparkling Clean Homes Have

You might think that people with clean homes have all the resources to get professional cleaning done in their homes.  That might not be a practical move for everybody especially for those who do not have all the financial capacity to get professionals to clean their homes every now and then. 

But you might be interested to know that those people, who seem to always have their homes spick and span, are not always calling the professionals in.  They just have some tricks up their sleeves and habits that they keep to ensure that their home is clean and truly liveable. 

Here are some of the tricks that you can also do to keep your homes clean all the time even without calling for professional cleaning services: 

  1. They establish a cleaning protocol. 

A cleaning protocol is like a cleaning schedule and policy in your home to ensure that dirt and mess do not pile up.  A very likely example would be assigning days to a certain cleaning activity.  Those who always have a clean house set their dusting day say, on Monday, laundry day on Wednesday, vacuum day on Saturday, and so on.  

In keeping this schedule right on track, your homes are kept well-organized and clean.  Time to deep-clean your homes will be curbed because dirt and mess do not have the time to pile up that would take you more time when you decide to clean.     

  1. They use smart storage solutions. 

Those people who always seem to have a well-organized home has in one way or another invested in smart storage solutions.  We are not just talking about renting a storage space for keeping stuff that needs to be kept but may clutter your home if not stored properly.  While this could be a storage solution, it may be one for those that really has many items or big things that are necessary for keeping. 

Some smart storage solutions for homes can simply be the following:  

  • Peg board that you can mount on your wall and allow you to put up your tools that you can see eye-level for easy access.  
  • Vertical racks so you can use the space above counters instead of spreading items on countertops. 
  • Drawer dividers to allow you to organize similar items together in a certain space in your drawers 
  • Over the door storage maximizes the door space so you can organize things such as bags on your bedroom doors, spice bottles on kitchen cabinet doors, etc. 
  • Lazy Susans or Turntables inside your cabinets will allow easy access to bottles and other stuff especially if they are crammed inside. 
  1. They know how to delegate the cleaning tasks. 

This wouldn’t be the case if you live alone but for those living with the whole family, delegation is a must.  It is also a good training for your children that they can bring up to the time they grow as adults and have their own homes and families.  For example, daughter can do the dishes, son can vacuum, dad can take out trash and another can help with the laundry, and so on. 

You can have weekly chores assigned to each one and then do rotations so each can learn how to do other cleaning tasks.  In this way, you are also teaching each member of the family the value of helping each one and making sure that all the cleaning tasks to achieve the common goal of having a clean house overall are done. 

Delegating cleaning tasks can cultivate responsibility and accountability in each member of the house and ultimately leadership that they can also apply in school, workplaces and others.   

  1. They clear surfaces from clutter. 

By surfaces here we mean, countertops, tables and nooks. These are perfect spaces for small knick-knacks or even bigger gizmos.  By way of impulse when we need a quick space solution for some of our stuff, we immediately look at the space that surfaces naturally provides.  The problem here is what’s supposed to be a temporary refuge becomes a permanent space.  If this goes on, the surface will be cluttered in no time. 

Others though, make sure that countertops and tables are cleared and clutter-free.  They do not open any opportunity for things to pile up on them.  They don’t start with even just one item for this can set precedence for you to add on other stuff.  Since they aim for clear surfaces, they make sure that they do the next thing on this list. 

  1. They provide a place for everything they have. 

You cannot just acquire stuff that you don’t have a space to keep it in.  Think of you getting a car but don’t have a garage or a space to park it in.  You will definitely be towed if you park it in restricted places.  That’s a habit that people that always keep a clean house have and embrace.  They have a space for everything they own. 

Spaces could be a small nook, a peg that you can stick or drill on a wall, a pigeon hole, small shelves and others.  And, they don’t acquire stuff that they know they don’t have storage for because they always keep a mindset – one that we will talk about in the next item. 

  1. They keep a clean mindset and lifestyle. 

This takes habit and commitment.  They think about cleanliness, order and organization as a way of life.  It may seem like a daunting task but it could be one that may be well worth keeping and embracing.  It could simply be wiping spills immediately, leaving muddy shoes outside, not leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight, sticking to the cleaning schedule, and many others.  These may seem too trivial but if these things are made a lifestyle, you will be assured of a clean house or a clean working space and even in the areas that you go around in. 

This mindset and lifestyle, as they are embraced, will lead you to apply them in other aspects of your life.